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The Tools for Thriving as an Empath

In order to stay healthy, empaths require energetic maintenance. This page has a collection of tools empath can incorporate into their daily lives to feel calm and clear.

Welcome to the Tools!

Daily use improves sleep, focus, and over time help an empath begin to discover their own needs and wants.


"If you don't learn how to ground yourself in the present moment you will live like a slave to your emotions, rather than a master of them."


"Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space"

Rose Meditation Instructions

When empaths are enmeshed with someone, they struggle to focus on themselves. They tend to fixate on the other person; trying to solve their problems or going over conversations they’ve had in the past. This energy practice helps separate energies so you can regain your equilibrium and focus on your own life.

Using Chakras to Manage Overwhelm

Whether or not an empath is able to understand the psychic information that is coming at them, they feel it and it is overwhelming. It is similar to white noise, it is distracting and exhausting. This energy practice helps empaths turn down the volume on the amount of psychic energy they pick up.

Mind Body Attunement

using the 5 Portals Meditation

This is a guided body scan meditation created by Dr. Mario Martinez. The intention of this meditation is to bring your mind and body into attunement. We often get disconnected from our bodies and our emotions spending too much time in the rational mind. This process will bring awareness of the body/emotions to the conscious mind.

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