Quantum Alignment
for Personal Development

Empaths have built up layers of energetic armor. Armor they needed to protect themselves in a harsh world that wasn’t designed for sensitives. Armor that was necessary when we were children and young people who didn’t have the means to protect ourselves in other ways. This armor is a cage for adult empaths who want to connect with people, feel love, pride, and a sense of belonging. 

Quantum Alignment unravels expectations, desires, and fears so the client is able to act from their core identity. Our life experience shapes who we are and how we show up in the world. Many of us also have ancestral and past-life experiences that affect how we show up in the world.

Quantum Alignment

This work releases or shifts anything that you are no longer in alignment with so you can embody your authentic nature and move through challenges with grace and authenticity.

"I had no expectations and was immensely surprised and pleased with the quality of the sessions I had with Laura. I felt that Laura was dead on with her assessments and follow up, and she really helped validate my increasing comfort with saying that I am an empath, and on my journey to figuring out my path in life. She provided me with some glimpses into where I come from, and things that I will need to do in order to get where I want - ultimately - to be...Laura has a generous and warm spirit and was/is very comfortable to work with as I explore a more in-depth look at my life's direction.
Thank you, Laura."
Kamala Burgess
Portland, Oregon

What is Quantum Alignment?

Quantum refers to the energy we are working with during sessions. Energy work is quantum physics, not magic. 

Alignment is the goal of each session–to align your energy with the signature of your soul, who you came here to be, who you were before the world changed you.

Quantum Alignment sessions are an intuitive and energy healing process designed to peel away the energetic armor so you can rise up to your soul’s true blueprint. 

Awakening into the understanding of quantum physics as a healing and spiritual path. Through it, we can own our power as co-creators of our experience.

Learn about what happens during a Quantum Alignment session.

COVID-19 Notice: I am open throughout this outbreak. 
All sessions will be conducted over the phone until further notice.  Thank you and stay healthy.

Quantum Alignment Pricing

Our current economic climate has paved the way for me to make a change in my pricing structure that has long been on my mind. I am moving to a Pay from the Heart model. Most simply, Pay from the Heart means that you check with your heart and find a payment that feels right to you. I want clients to feel that energy work is accessible when they need it most.

Some helpful guidelines:

  • $85 is baseline, minimum request.
  • $125 is the sustainable amount, it helps me thrive to give more to you.
  • $175 is generous and supports me so I can help make services accessible to everyone.

It is my sincerest desire that people pay what is in agreement with their heart. This work is sacred and business isn’t always practiced from a sacred place, this is my attempt at making my business more equitable and less elitist medicine.

I hope that those who can afford to pay more will, because it is that generosity that allows me to reach a broader audience, and I want everyone to feel comfortable choosing the price that feels right for them without guilt or shame.

It’s with great appreciation and humility that I receive what’s coming from your heart.

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All sessions are 60 minutes and conducted over the phone.