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Quantum Alignment
for Personal Development

Quantum Alignment releases or shifts patterns of behavior and energy expressions that you are no longer in alignment with so you can embody your authentic nature and move through challenges with grace and authenticity.

Quantum Alignment is Shadow Work

Empaths have built up layers of energetic armor. Armor they needed to protect themselves in a harsh world that wasn’t designed for sensitives. Armor that was necessary when they were children and young people who didn’t have the means to protect themselves in other ways. This armor is a cage for adult empaths who want to connect with people, feel love, pride, and a sense of belonging. 

Quantum Alignment unravels expectations, desires, and fears so the client is able to act from their core identity. Our life experience shapes who we are and how we show up in the world. Many of us also have ancestral and past-life influences that affect how we show up in the world.

"I had no expectations and was immensely surprised and pleased with the quality of the sessions I had with Laura. I felt that Laura was dead on with her assessments and follow up, and she really helped validate my increasing comfort with saying that I am an empath, and on my journey to figuring out my path in life. She provided me with some glimpses into where I come from, and things that I will need to do in order to get where I want - ultimately - to be...Laura has a generous and warm spirit and was/is very comfortable to work with as I explore a more in-depth look at my life's direction.
Thank you, Laura."
client testimonial
Kamala Burgess
Portland, Oregon

What is Quantum Alignment?

Quantum refers to the energy we are working with during sessions. Energy work is quantum physics, not magic. 

Alignment is the goal of each session–to align your energy with the signature of your soul, you came here with an energetic blueprint that encapsulates who you were before the world changed you.

Quantum Alignment sessions are an intuitive energy healing process designed integrate emotional trauma and release your soul’s true nature allowing you to find more joy and fulfillment from life.

During these sessions I use a variety of modalities depending on what is going on for the client. A typical session includes some conversation about what is happening, pinpointing what aspect is ready to be released, connecting with our guides and angels to execute the healing.

Practice Notice: I will begin seeing clients in person again on June 5, 2023. I will continue providing distance sessions over the phone or video for my clients across the globe. 

Schedule Your Quantum Alignment Session

Three options to choose from: video call or in-person.
The office is in downtown Portland, Oregon, across from Powell’s Books.

What Happens During a Session

The basics of a Quantum Alignment session:

A typical session is 60 minutes long. Each session starts with a discussion of what is happening with the client physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

During the course of this discussion, I let my intuition guide me to the old trauma or limiting belief that is holding the current situation in place. Once the stuck energy has been identified, I map the originating event of the trauma or wound. This could be present lifetime, past life, ancestral lifetime or external energies affecting your experience.

Once mapped, I will witness quantum alignment conducted by our collective guides and explain to you what is happening on the energetic plane. These sessions clear away stuck energy and transform the behavioral patterns associated with the wound allowing the client to have a clearer experience the next time a trigger comes up there will be space to have a new outcome.

What is Happening?

  • Quantum Alignment sessions are spiritual work. They are also intuitive and energetic.
  • Spiritual energy work is personal development as well as physical, mental and emotional healing, the evolution of our consciousness.
  • We are, each of us, our own master. My techniques can only assist in helping you shift what you are ready to acknowledge and release. Quantum Alignment is a partnership between the client and Laura.
  • Spiritual development is not psychotherapy but can feel similar at times.
  • We are discussing energy patterns, Universal archetypes/themes, and laws, not psychology.
  • We are shifting behavior patterns, stuck feelings, and beliefs by releasing trapped energy from the body’s system and aligning with the higher self.
  • We are shifting behaviors by releasing old programming and allowing you to choose a response instead of reacting.
  • Talking during the first part of the appointment allows me to tune into your energy field. It also activates and brings to the surface whatever you are most ready to release or expand.
  • I am working with my healing guides, Archangels, and spiritual guides as well as your team of guides and healers. I will let you know what information I have received. Typically this information is guidance from the higher perspective or lifestyle/health/wellness related. I do not get information about lottery numbers or when the dream relationship is going to show up. My information is from angels and guides and more big picture and healing in nature. 

My Team of Healing Guides

My team of guides consists of: the Hathor – energetic light beings of love, the Archangels – any can come through as needed but primarily Michael (warrior), Raphael (healer), Gabriel (truth teller), Uriel (grounding wisdom), and Metatron (a powerful spiritual teacher), an ascended master I call Moses, he is my primary healing master and through him I am attuned to heal for the collective not just the individual in front of me, and finally, Linda my spirituality and energy teacher who passed away in 2013 and joined my team sometime in 2014.

These guides chose to work with me and began showing up over a 10 year period during meditations and client sessions. I believe this team will always be evolving as my work grows and changes to meet the needs of my clients and my purpose.

A Word about Angels and Guides: None of the beings I work with have told me their name or what kind of guide they are. Some I have named myself, like Moses and others have come through my teachers and they had already had names for them. I believe what or who they are is less important than the energy they carry and the healing they perform. If you can’t wrap your head around the concept of angels, that is ok. Each being has a set of qualities they bring to the healing. Those qualities are what is important, not their names or classifications, and I don’t believe those qualities relate to any religion or philosophy, they just exist as archetypes. 

"Laura is amazing and really understands the challenges that Empaths face. She is able to get to the root of things quickly and provides immediate relief along with longer-term solutions. So good!"
client testimonial
Monica Bourgeau
Health Care Executive

Quantum Alignment Pricing

Hour-long Quantum Alignment sessions are $150.

Wellness should not be a luxury, nor should anyone be priced out of receiving care. If my services are out of your price range, contact me and we will work something out.

It is my sincerest desire that people pay what is in agreement with their heart. This work is sacred and business isn’t always practiced from a sacred place, this is my attempt at making my business more equitable and less elitist medicine.

It’s with great appreciation and humility that I receive what’s coming from your heart.

Refund Policy: All sessions and packages are non-refundable, but you may reschedule should the need arise.

Schedule Your Quantum Alignment Session

Three options to choose from: video call or in-person.
The office is in downtown Portland, Oregon, across from Powell’s Books.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Quantum Alignment discusses energy patterns, ancestral healing, Universal archetypes/ themes, and laws, not psychology. Energy work addresses a world not fully acknowledged by traditional psychological practices and often is the missing piece for empaths who have struggled with feeling better despite years of therapy.

Patterns of behavior refers to one or a collection of behaviors that are the result of a traumatic experience. For example, people pleasing is a pattern of behavior that will look different in each person but is habitual, unconscious, and sacrifices a person’s identity and will. 

Trauma has become better understood over the last decade. There is little t trauma and big T trauma. Big T is what most people think of when they hear trauma; car accident, death of a loved one, rape, to name a few.

Little t trauma is tricky because everyone processes events or situations differently. What one person thinks is no big deal can cause another person harm that has unintended consequences for a long time. Succinctly, a little t trauma is an emotional experience that is cut short where the person is not allowed to express all that they are feeling.

For example, a child gets their feelings hurt and cries, an adult in charge says “quit your crying or I’ll give you something to cry about.” This trauma teaches a child to stuff their emotions down. This exchange can create all kinds of issues, such as anxiety, depression, dissociation, and more. Trauma has more to do with the aftermath than the incident.

I describe spirituality as the belief in a divine energy, something greater than the ego self (God, the Universe, Source, etc), combined with a curiosity to explore yourself and your relationship to it.  A spiritual journey or path is the exploration and development of your soul.

Generally speaking, you will experience relief and a shift after each session. More specifically there are somethings that speed up or slow down your healing progress:

  • your clarity and intention about the issue that you are healing
  • the complexity of the issue you are healing
  • your level of commitment to healing
  • your level of resistance to healing

Occasionally, it is a one and done situation and that happens when you are really clear about yourself and what you want to see happen.

More commonly, it is a process and takes 3-4 sessions for a specific issue. Most of my clients work with me over a 6-month period, averaging two sessions a month, to see the progress they want. Some complete and others continue their work but as a spiritual journey instead of a need or desire to heal.

Each soul has made a decision to be born into a body. Each soul has had many lifetimes in many bodies, and each decision comes with a loose plan for your soul’s intention for that life. Events, roles, and emotions your soul (you) want to experience, that is the soul’s blueprint.  The experiences we have in our body can sometimes throw us off our blueprint, many people never get back in sync with it. We can become too scared, too resentful, or too damaged to live some of what we came to experience. Quantum Alignment’s goal is always to bring you closer to your original blueprint.


We are, each of us, our own master. Quantum Alignment techniques can only assist in shifting the energy patterns that you are ready to shift, move, or expand. All work is a partnership between the client and Laura, and our collective guides. 

Intuitive Energy Healing is a wonderful complement to traditional therapy and psychiatric care. If you have been diagnosed with a mental health condition, and especially if you are in active crisis, I am happy to work with as long as you are also seeing a therapist/ psychiatrist and continue following the medication plan your doctor has prescribed and that any changes to those medications are decided upon with your doctor(s).