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The Free Boundaries for Empaths Class is a 38-minute pre-recorded class that helps empaths and neurodiverse folks discover why boundaries have always been hard for you and teaches you how to build them and hold them. There are more factors at play for sensitives when dealing with boundaries. There are reasons you have struggled and you don’t have to struggle any longer.

The class also includes a self-assessment so you can measure how you are doing with your boundaries based on what you learn in the class. 

Is This Free Boundaries for Empaths Class for You?

  • You struggle speaking up for yourself.
  • You want to help people even when it hurts you.
  • You can get caught up in solving problems for other people instead of your own.
  • You want to rescue people.
  • You want to save people from feeling bad about themselves.
  • You feel responsible for the whole world.
  • You lose sleep worrying about other people and their problems.
  • You seek to please people as a way to feel valued.
  • You struggle to build your own life because focusing on yourself feels selfish.

Would You Like to Experience This?

  • Confidently say no when your plate is too full.
  • Know what is and isn’t your responsibility to do/fix/change/control.
  • Know your needs and desires as strongly as you know those of your friends and loved ones.
  • Have tools for disconnecting from other people’s energies.
  • Build healthy relationships where your needs and desires are also honored.

If you are relating to these experiences and you are ready for change, sign up to receive the Free Boundaries for Empaths Class.

What to Expect from the Free Boundaries for Empaths Class?

Boundaries refer to the limits and guidelines that individuals set in their personal and professional relationships with others.

If you are like me, you are a grown adult who can give the definition of a boundary, but you have no idea what a boundary actually feels like. And you worry you may never be able to say yes (or no) when you need to, for your own wellbeing.

Boundaries are difficult for empaths for the following reasons:

  1. Empaths feel/know what the people around them are feeling, and often why they are feeling it. This awareness can make it difficult for empaths to express themselves honestly because they don’t want to hurt/upset/let down the other person.
  2. Because of all the extra stimuli empaths pick up from their environment, their own needs and wants are sometimes a mystery to them. It is hard to speak up for themselves when they don’t really know how they feel about something until much later, if ever.
  3. They may have a tendency to be in relationships with people who don’t mind manipulating you in order to get their way.

For these reasons, and probably a few more, you have never developed the appropriate boundaries that keep you safe and in your integrity. The missing piece in the puzzle, the part that has likely never been explained to empaths, is in order to have healthy boundaries in your relationships, you must develop healthy energetic boundaries.

Let me teach you all about energetic boundaries. What they are and how to maintain them. While there is no magic wand that will bestow you with boundaries, the information, exercises, and new perspective will help you begin to build boundaries in a natural way. 

This free boundaries for empaths class will explain boundaries from all dimensions allowing you to assess the strength and effectiveness of your own boundaries.

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Laura Rowe is an Intuitive Strategist & Spiritual Seeker at The Vital Spirit. Living in Portland, Oregon, Laura founded The Vital Spirit in 2013. She has a background in business operations, a master’s degree in organizational management, and she has spent the last 35+ years studying spiritual traditions and practices, and the last 14 years training in intuitive energy healing modalities.

Laura helps empaths and sensitives who have struggled their whole life with belonging. Explore How We Can Work Together

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Praise for Laura's Courses:

"This is a great course. Laura has an amazing ability to stand in both the science and the energetics of what it is to be an empath, and provides much needed clarity on this subject. She brings compassion, strength and wisdom to the group at all times. The tools she offers are simple yet powerful, and can immediately be woven into daily life with unmistakeable benefit. I feel that my overall well-being has been enhanced by this course, and by working with Laura in general. She is a wise and intuitive healer, while always staying grounded and real. I am happy to include Laura, and the lovely members of the class, as part of my community far beyond the end of this course. This is definitely well worth the investment in a world full of self-help offerings. This is the real deal. Do yourself a favor and sign up!"
client testimonial
Lisa T.
"I have happily been coming to Laura for healing and guidance for several years now. However, being invited to be apart of her class series for empaths became a game changer. Laura takes energy work and how to do it for yourself and made it easy to understand and accessible. The class is empowering as you begin to learn how to have a daily routine of cleansing and checking in with yourself. As well as a closer connection to spirit. Being in a group and laughing at the similarities between us makes someone who struggles with feeling different feel like there are people going through similar experiences. If you have the option to take this class go for it!"
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Jenna D.
"This class not only helped me identify myself as an Empath, it also put it perspective to me how important it is to take care of myself and develop rituals around self care in a substantial way that allows me to feel more free and able to show up fully for others in my life and my work. Laura validates as she teaches. She allows herself to be vulnerable too, displaying the strength in being a “sensitive” person. I cannot recommend this course more for anyone who even slightly considers themselves an Empath. I was guided to very deep parts of myself that needed acknowledgement and this freed me up tremendously. I can’t wait to take Laura’s on-going course to weave these new exercises and rituals into my daily life and make them natural habits. I am thriving more already. I trust Laura fully."
Erin C