Upcoming Events

Empaths and Social Justice
An Online Talk

November 9, 2022
A common trait among empaths is the focus on social justice. I believe empaths were made for this time in history to right the ship by vocally and visibly fighting for justice. discussion and learn why empaths matter in the social justice space and how they can take care of themselves so they can stay involved and not burn out too quickly.
*ASL Interpretation will be provided.

Spark & Fire
A Mindful Year End Ritual

Begins Dec 7, 2022
This group supports you as we nestle into the darkness of Winter Solstice and emerge into 2023. Grab a candle, a cup of tea or hot chocolate, your favorite journal and deck of cards. Each week we will explore different themes that will allow us to bring the year to completion and then seek guidance for our focus and intentions for 2023.
A five-week mindfulness group.

Thriving as an Empath
Creating a Heartlife Future

February 4 and 5, 2023
Laura is presenting a two-day virtual workshop for The California Institute of Integral Studies Public Program. It will begin by exploring the challenges of being an empath, especially right now, and discuss tools and strategies that help empaths thrive. Day 2, Laura will illustrate how empaths are uniquely skilled to demonstrate how the world can be more kind and inclusive.