Upcoming Events

Tools for Thriving as an Empath
Energetic & Spiritual Practices

Begins March 26, 2023
This 6-week workshop helps empaths understand themselves from the energetic world. I will teach energy tools and practices to create simple and efficient routines for managing your energy system, exploring your energy, and unraveling your empathic skill set. Empaths learn to thrive when they understand how to care for themselves from an energetic perspective.

Light & Shadow
A Mindfulness Circle for Intuition

Begins July 2, 2023
An online group for exploration and support with members as they embrace their intuitive sides. We'll explore intuition and how it is useful and challenging in different areas of life. Owning our intuition is a tremendous gift that can be problematic when we are integrating it into the day-to-day. In this 5 week online group, we'll connect, discuss, explore, and support our gifts.

Thriving Empath
Practicum for Connected Living

Begins September 17, 2023
A 3-month group that meets weekly online for regular connection and discussion of relevant topics for empaths who are doing the inner work and ready to integrate their outer persona with their inner empath. Designed for current and past participants of Tools for Thriving as an Empath and Vital Spirit cilents who are ready to thrive in their lives.