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Cozy ♥ Sanctuary

Cozy ♥ Sanctuary


Connections and Development for Empaths

Grow Your Community and Your Self-Acceptance

The Cozy ♥ Sanctuary is your SAFE PLACE for connecting with like-minded people.

Empath Membership

Why Should You Join the Empath Membership?

Only Empath You Know

You're Tired of Being the Only Empath You Know

You have been exploring this topic for a while now and you would just love to be able to discuss it with others who understand what it is like.

You're Still Exploring Being an Empath

You know enough to be intrigued and fairly (or completely) sure you are an empath, but there is still so much to learn and understand.

Ignoring Being an Empath

Ignoring Being An Empath Isn't Working

Now that you know what is going on for you and why you have struggled where others haven't, it is time to really claim it and make it yours.

This is for you if:

My motivation to create an online empath membership is based on my decade of working with them and hearing, so consistently, how much each client would like to have other empaths to talk to about their day-to-day experiences and struggles. 

What to Expect Once You Join

There will be a regular schedule of events as well as occasional impromptu get-togethers.
All events are one hour and will be recorded and available in the membership to watch any time.

Monthly Empath Discussions

Live Event the 1st Thursday
of Every Month at 9AM Pacific

Empath Exploration is a monthly discussion/training on the many different aspects of being an empath.

Topics like: Merging, Using Intuition, and Energetic Boundaries


Mining the Universe

Live Event the 2nd Tuesday
of Every Month at 4PM Pacific

Mining the Universe is a monthly discussion and/or teaching about the magical things in the Universe.

Topics like: Astrology, Ancestral Trauma, Mediumship 

Live Event the 3rd Sunday
of Every Month at 11AM Pacific

This event is for discussions you have been wanting to have, questions you have wanted answered, or just goofing around getting to know each other.

Psychic Play and Practice

Have fun practicing your card, mediumship, or psychic readings though audio or video chats with like-minded seekers and make new friends.


A courses library will be available for all members and currently has my Boundaries for Empaths course. Other courses will be added as they are completed.

Topic Chat Rooms

In addition to Psychic Play, there are several other topical chat rooms. You can go deep into your favorite subject. See below for list of different chat rooms.

Chat Rooms

Relationship Chats

Chat about ALL kinds of relationships, from romantic to family to work. Empaths experience things different from non-empaths and it can really help to compare notes, ask for advice, or simply share your experiences.

Example posts:

  • “Looking for advice regarding my office-mates…”
  • “Last night, my boyfriend/husband/wife got mad at me and …”
  • “Do any of you have empath kids? How do you handle…?

Energy Management

Posts, questions, and discussions about managing your energy. Empaths, because of their sensitivity, have to do some extra maintenance in order to feel their best and be a functional human.

Example posts: 

  • “What is your favorite grounding activities?”
  • “I’m getting ready to go on vacation, what do people do to keep from getting overwhelmed on vacation?”
  • “Any new moms here? What are your go-to exercises to help your babies when their overwhelmed?”

Spiritual Questors

Posts relating to spirituality, spiritual development, and walking the spiritual path. Sometimes we want to understand why things happen the way they do. The answers to why can be different for everyone.

Example posts:

  • “I had the strangest thing happen yesterday and would love to know what people think might be going on…”
  • “I am working to manifest a new job. Any suggestions on mantras or rituals?”
  • “What does it mean when I see 555 all the time?”

New Earth Warriors

Many empaths are justice seekers and tuned into higher frequencies. And this world is going through some stuff, and our voice is much needed. This is a place to share your thoughts on how we can be effective in seeking justice. Sharing creativity and ideas for being constructive wayshowers to a New Earth.

Example posts: 

  • “Hosting a group meditation to help heal the Earth at 4:30PM Eastern time in the Voice Room.”
  • “Did you feel the effects of the solar flares? Oy”

Your Guide and Facilitator

Hi, I'm Laura Rowe

I am an empath, spiritual seeker, and intuitive healer living in Portland, Oregon. 

I have spent 35 years studying spiritual traditions and practices and the last 16 years training in intuitive energy healing modalities, with certificates in reiki and Theta Healing. For 8 of those 16 years, working with a mentor, Linda Kardos, who was a pioneer in intuitive energy healing.

My background in business operations holding a BA in Business Management and a Master’s degree in Organizational Management is where I honed my natural skills in systems thinking that helps me identify patterns in behavior and energy that has informed my study of empaths.

As an empath myself, I know the struggle of feeling different, misunderstood, and judged for my sensitivities. I care deeply about empowering empaths to inhabit their whole self — accepting and deeply connecting with the truth of their being. 

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Monthly Events
all events are 1 hour

Discussion Rooms

  • Access to Recordings of all Events and Discussions
  • Boundaries for Empaths Course and other Courses as they are developed

The platform allows a lot of flexibility in how you engage with the group so you can show up however feels comfortable to you.  You may join live events, watch recordings, and chat through video, voice, and text.

Cozy ♥ Sanctuary

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