Thriving Empath Apprenticeship

The world needs you! You need you! Right now! Actively healing and embodying your unique way of being. In your power, you demonstrate a different way of engaging in life. Thriving empaths and lightworkers demonstrate wholehearted, purpose-filled living. Living with integrity, working while holding our values, and loving unconditionally with self-honoring boundaries. 

What does it mean to be a Thriving Empath?

A thriving empath seeks balance and learns how to manage their energy and emotions. They design a life for themselves that brings them joy and fulfillment.


They know their emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual limits and they honor these limits with self-care and energy maintenance tools.


They can communicate their desires and needs effectively to their family, friends, boss, and co-workers.

Physically Free

They feel free to interact in the public world and participate in daily tasks like grocery shopping as well as pursue interests like taking a class, traveling, or attending a concert.

Connected to Community

They have a solid community of friends, family, and colleagues where they feel seen, valued, and honored.

Connected to Intuition

They are connected to their intuition and put their wellbeing first. They are aware and connected with their psychic senses and feel comfortable, safe, and boundaried when using them.

Connected to Purpose

They know what they are passionate about and have created a life that supports that passion, whether through career, side hustle, or hobby.

Master the empathic nature. 

The 6-month apprenticeship will be different for each client, tailored to their specific goals and focus. Training the client how to work with their natural energy system, release old patterns and programs that don’t support their stated goals, and educating them about their skills and senses. Mastering the empath skill set allows them to embody their true nature, who they were born to be that got covered up with life experience. 

Apprenticeship Methodology

A structured and custom program designed for empaths who desire to step more fully into their power and thrive in their lives.

  • Intuitive energy work for healing and clearing blocks and resistance from your life experience, from past life experience as well as your ancestral line
  • Mentoring for understanding and managing your energy system and empath traits
  • Teaching tools, meditations, and energy exercises that protect, clear, and strengthen the energy system
  • Assisting in establishing healthy energetic boundaries, since this leads to holding healthy relationship boundaries
  • Educating about external energetic interference, so you can begin to identify energetic disturbances and clear them on your own.
  • Supporting from a Spiritual perspective to understand the meaning and significance of the experience of being an empath. Reframing trauma and holding space for you to claim your full power.

Program Details

Alignment and growth move in a spiral, there is no completion. Each person’s experience will be different. For some, they may go dive head first into this work for years before taking a break. For others, they may have periods when they are not doing a lot of active growth, peppered with some intense periods of digging deep and peeling off the energetic armor that we are ready to release.

We can always choose to get where we are going even if we are diverted for a while or take a time off. This apprenticeship is designed for 6-month segments of concentrated learning, support, and growth. It is customized to the individual and where they are on their journey. At the end of 6 months, you can take a break or sign on for another 6-month segment.

Touchstone Empath Apprenticeship

Alignment and support as you make gradual shifts to your daily routine. Ideal for the busy parent and professional, move at your own pace with accountability.

  • One Quantum Alignment session per month in person or virtual
  • Energetic or mindfulness homework exercise
  • Weekly email check-in
  • Program with 90 Minute Sessions – $1450

Focused Empath Apprenticeship

Focused is an opportunity to leverage your clarity and bring your goals to life. Progressive and swift changes can be expected with this program. 

  • Two Quantum Alignment sessions per month in person or virtual
  • Energetic and/or mindfulness homework exercises 
  • Weekly email check-in
  • Program with 60 Minute Sessions – $2250
  • Program with 90 Minute Sessions – $2950

How do I begin?

Schedule a free 30 minute call to discuss your needs and how you would like to be supported in this program. 

Every empath has a unique journey to embody their authentic power. Our skills, lessons, and purpose make our path individual. Your timetable for alignment and putting into practice the tools for thriving as an empath is divinely guided. This journey is for a lifetime.