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Empath Apprenticeship

Learn to appreciate being an empath while healing the damage you experienced growing up sensitive in an insensitive world.

Growing up as an empath was confusing and isolating. And likely you created some unhealthy patterns of behavior that prevent you from feeling good about yourself and fully enjoying your relationships with others.

I created the Empath Apprenticeship to help empath learn to appreciate being an empath while healing some of the damage you experienced growing up sensitive in an insensitive world. Healthy and Aware Empaths understand their unique skills and attributes that come with being an empath. They know how to manage their energy and begun the deep exploration of the self.

What does it mean to be a Healthy and Aware Empath?

A healthy and aware empath understands the skills and abilities you have and how to use them giving them confidence and self-trust. You have chosen to become conscious of your wounds and scars heal from living in a world that has a low tolerance for neurodiversity and/or early relationships with toxic or narcissistic people, including family.

After going through the Empath Apprenticeship, you will learn how to support yourself with tools and practices that in turn allow you to build relationships based on trust and intimacy.

Attributes of a Healthy and Aware Empath

Understand Your Energy

Discover the way empaths learn and relate to people in order to protect yourself and trust your instincts.

Express Yourself

Feel good communicating your desires and needs effectively to your spouse, family, friends, boss, and co-workers.

Heal Your Pain

Explore the relationships that hurt you the most and heal the wounds caused by toxic people that prevent you from trusting yourself and others.

Connect to Your Intuition

Learn how to tune into your intuition and expand your ability to use it in your day-to-day life.

Establish Your Boundaries

Understand what boundaries are and how to put them in place and hold them there. The core skill that supports the rest of the work.

Own Your Energy and Discover the Gifts of Being an Empath

The 6-month empath apprenticeship covers the foundational teachings and healings for empaths. Teaching the client how to work with your natural energy system, release old patterns and programs that don’t support your stated goals, and educating them about your skills and senses. The program will be adjusted to your own needs and focus. Mastering the empath skill set allows you to embody your true nature, who they were born to be that got covered up with societal conformity and your specific life experiences. 

This is for you if:

Empaths come in all shapes, flavors, stages of development, and awareness. If you aren’t sure if this program is for you, see if any of these patterns fit you. If you relate to 3 or more, this is a great program for you.

And This Isn't for you if:

This apprenticeship is for empaths at certain level of development and is not appropriate for those you have already spent time learning and developing skills to manage their energy. If you relate to the following, consider Mentoring instead.

Empath Apprenticeship Framework

A structured and customizable program designed for empaths who desire to step more fully into their power and own their experiences in life and relationships. 

The Apprenticeship is 12 sessions over 6 months. Each month has a learning and healing theme. The first session of the month is for teaching/mentoring and second is for targeted healing as it relates to that theme.

These are the areas we will work on together:

  • Consciousness and Grounding
  • Energy Systems and Clearing
  • Merging and Boundaries
  • Nervous System Regulation and Capacity
  • Intuition and Channeling
  • Empaths and the Spiritual Path

Tools and Modalities:

  • Intuitive energy work for healing and clearing blocks and resistance from your life experience, from past life experience as well as your ancestral line
    • Energy healing for addressing limiting beliefs, blocks, and resistance to heal/grow
    • Past-life and Ancestral healing to release old trauma and generational trauma
    • Channeling your higher-self, Spirit guides, and ancestors for guidance, context, and further healing
  • Teaching about being empath, energy systems and tools, and spiritual principles
  • Mentoring for understanding being an empath and your spiritual journey

Objectives for the Program:

  • Create a relationship with yourself and an awareness of your feelings, needs, and desires
  • Learn the body’s energy systems and how empaths process energy
  • Explore boundaries both energetic and interpersonal, learn tools to help you establish healthier boundaries
  • Develop your relationship with your intuition and higher-self, learn tools to exercise this muscle
  • Locate yourself on a spiritual path and discover your relationship to the Universe

Program Investment

This apprenticeship is designed for 6-months of concentrated learning, healing, support, and growth. It is customized to the individual and where you struggle the most.

Are You Ready?

Is it time for you embrace your truth and create the life you desire? How do you know if the time is right? Here are a few signs:

  • you are running out of patience with yourself
  • you have, or are willing to make, time in your life to learn and implement new routines and practices
  • you are scared, but also excited, and you won’t let the fear stop you 
  • you understand that change requires an investment of both time and money
  • you know how valuable it is to have a confidante and guide on this journey of self-discovery

Empath Apprenticeship

Six-month Program
$ 1,500
  • Learn to Manage Your Energy
  • Heal Old Wounds
  • Connect to Your Intuition
  • Establish Your Boundaries

Every empath has a unique journey to embody their authentic power. Your skills, lessons, and purpose make your path individual. Your timetable for alignment and putting into practice the tools for thriving as an empath is divinely guided. This journey is for a lifetime.

About Laura

I am an empath, spiritual seeker, and intuitive healer living in Portland, Oregon. 

I have spent 35 years studying spiritual traditions and practices and the last 16 years training in intuitive energy healing modalities, with certificates in reiki and Theta Healing. For 8 of those 16 years, working with a mentor, Linda Kardos, who was a pioneer in intuitive energy healing.

My background in business operations holding a BA in Business Management and a Master’s degree in Organizational Management is where I honed my natural skills in systems thinking that helps me identify patterns in behavior and energy that has informed my study of empaths.

As an empath myself, I know the struggle of feeling different, misunderstood, and judged for my sensitivities. I care deeply about empowering empaths to inhabit their whole self — accepting and deeply connecting with the truth of their being. 

Ready to Explore Working Together?

You can schedule a free 30-minute call to discuss working together. We can talk face to face via Zoom to get to know each other. It is an opportunity to ask any questions you might have or address any concerns.