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Client Testimonials

"Working with Laura has helped me see my potential and better understand how I want to show up in the world. She's taught me about how being an empath sets me apart- in ways I could never fully understand. She has genuinely helped me get to know myself, and learn how I can nurture myself, and in return nurture those around me."
Andrea White
"Laura helped me heal childhood and intergenerational trauma, so I was empowered to break the cycle with my own children. As an empath, I felt safe and supported under Laura's guidance. She is a compassionate, knowledgeable, supportive copilot that helped me navigate an exploration of my past while charting out my future."
Chris Croll

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

The Empath Apprenticeship is a program I developed to provide education, training, as well as healing for people who are newly discovering they are empaths.

Mentoring is a package of session that allow someone to focus and be supported around any number of things. People have started businesses with my support, written books, worked on their shadow and healing, to name just a few.

As Simon Sinek says, “a mentor is not someone who walks ahead of us to show us how they did it. A mentor walks alongside us to show us what we can do.” An empath mentor helps you do the important work of self-discovery and healing. I teach people how to be an empowered empath who has claimed their sensitivities as their skills and uses them for their own good. Read more about what an Empath Mentor does here.

People sometimes use the titles “coach” and “mentor” interchangeably, but their approaches and methods are actually quite distinct.

Coaching is a formal, task-oriented engagement focused on achieving a specific goal. 

Mentors focus on overall development over an extended period rather than tracking growth in specific skills over multiple short sessions. As a result, mentors get to know a mentee on a deeper level than most coaches, gaining an intimate understanding of the challenges a person faces and their strengths before providing advice.

The benefits of mentoring include improved self-confidence, enhanced communication and leadership skills, and exposure to different viewpoints. While coaches guide clients to achieve personal and professional goals, mentors inspire their mentees to believe in and expand into their full potential.

Read more about the differences.

I recommend reading about the different services to help you decide. Start with How We Work Together.

Healthcare should not be a luxury, nor should anyone be priced out of receiving care. If my services are out of your price range, please ask for help, 

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