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What to Expect During a
Quantum Alignment Session

Quantum Alignment is for anyone seeking expansion into the next version of themselves. These sessions are energetic and spiritual work. Laura is intuitively informed by her team of healing and spiritual guides to accelerate growth that is in alignment with the client’s divine plan. All work is directed to be in the highest and best good of the client.

Who I work with:

My clients are empaths and lightworkers, the roughly 20% of our human population who have increased sensitivity to energy, emotions, and environmental stimuli. This group usually identify as intuitive, compassionate, and were born with a sense of purpose to make the world a better place.

The basics of a Quantum Alignment session:

A typical session is 60 minutes long. Each session starts with a discussion of what is happening with the client physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  During the course of this discussion, I let my intuition guide me to the old trauma or limiting belief that is holding the current situation in place. Once the stuck energy has been identified, I map the originating event of the trauma or wound. This could be present lifetime, past life, ancestral lifetime or external energies affecting your experience. Once mapped, I will witness quantum alignment our collective guides conduct and explain to you what is happening on the energetic plane. These sessions clear away stuck energy and transform the behavioral patterns associated with the wound allowing the client to have a clearer experience the next time a trigger comes up there will be space to have a new outcome.

What is happening:

  • Quantum Alignment sessions are spiritual work. They are also intuitive and energetic.
  • Spiritual energy work is personal development as well as physical, mental and emotional healing, the evolution of our consciousness.
  • We are, each of us, our own master. My techniques can only assist in helping you shift what you are ready to acknowledge and release. Quantum Alignment is a partnership between the client and Laura.
  • Spiritual development is not psychotherapy but can feel similar at times.
  • We are discussing energy patterns, Universal archetypes/themes, and laws, not psychology.
  • We are shifting behavior patterns, stuck feelings, and beliefs by releasing trapped energy from the body’s system and aligning with the higher self.
  • We are shifting behaviors by releasing old programming and allowing you to choose a response instead of reacting.
  • Talking during the first part of the appointment allows me to tune into your energy field. It also activates and brings to the surface whatever you are most ready to release or expand.
  • I am working with my healing guides, Archangels, and spiritual guides as well as your team of guides and healers. I will let you know what information I have received. Typically this information is guidance from the higher perspective or lifestyle/health/wellness related. I do not get information about lottery numbers or when the dream relationship is going to show up. My information is from angels and guides and more big picture and healing in nature. 

My Team of Guides

My team of guides consists of: the Hathor – energetic light beings of love, the Archangels – any can come through as needed but primarily Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Metatron, an ascended master I call Moses, he is my primary healing master and through him I am attuned to heal for the collective not just the individual in front of me, and finally, Linda my spirituality and energy teacher who passed away in 2013 and joined my team.

These guides chose to work with me and began showing up over a 10 year period during meditations and client sessions. I believe this team will always be evolving as my work grows and changes to meet the needs of my clients and my purpose.


We are, each of us, our own master. Quantum Alignment techniques can only assist in shifting the energy patterns that you are ready to shift, move, or expand. All work is a partnership between the client and Laura, and our collective guides. 

Intuitive Energy Healing is a wonderful complement to traditional therapy and psychiatric care. If you have been diagnosed with a mental health condition, and especially if you are in active crisis, I am happy to work with as long as you are also seeing a therapist/ psychiatrist and continue following the medication plan your doctor have prescribed and that any changes to those medications are decided upon with your doctor.

"Laura is amazing and really understands the challenges that Empaths face. She is able to get to the root of things quickly and provides immediate relief along with longer-term solutions. So good!"
client testimonial
Monica Bourgeau
Health Care Executive