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The Vital Spirit Method

Explore the framework that I built my business, writing, and work on. Below, you will find how my values, education, and healing provide the scaffolding for my business.

Exploring the Methodology

After almost a decade of doing energy healing and spiritual mentoring, I recently had the opportunity to review all my blog writing, offerings, and personal beliefs/goals. The result of this opportunity is the creation of a framework that explains my intentions, priorities, and guidance when I work with my clients. 

The process was enlightening, rather quickly I saw the golden threads coalesce into the Four Realms of Experience I work in through my writing, courses, groups, and 1:1 client work. I was also able to define the lens that all my work passes through, my own personal values and goals. I am excited to share the Vital Spirit Method as it makes explicit what has been the undercurrent to my work since the beginning.

The Vital Spirit Method

A Framework for Self-Exploration, Growth, and Healing developed for Empaths, Sensitives, and Neurodivergents.

Social Justice & Spiritual Leadership

The Foundational Lens

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

The foundation of my work is to help my clients reclaim their true self and develop their own spiritual center. Our authentic self has been covered up with beliefs and behaviors that were born of conditioning. Conditioning from our family, our community, the systems of our society. A society that doesn’t honor our humanity and our Spirit.

Sensitives, Empaths, and Neurodivergents struggle with fitting in and feeling good in a world that wasn’t designed for you. You are the canaries in the mine, the first to be affected by the toxicity of modern society. From the social environment to the physical environment to the economic environment, this world is toxic and it is killing us. Change begins with conscious healing. 

The Vital Spirit leads from a holistic perspective that knows we are all connected to each other and to the planet. What affects one, affects all. Change begins with an individual seeking to improve their human experience. Spiritual leadership seeks to bring about cultural change one person at a time. Expanding the consciousness of our world through healing and education around better ways to work, connect, manage, and live.

Expanding Consciousness

Unlearn your conditioning and explore authenticity, spirituality, and intuitive living, all while learning to work with your sensitivities and neurodivergent skills to build a life that celebrates who you are and honors the unique journey of others.

Justice is what love looks like in public.


First Realm of Experience

"The privilege of life is to become who you truly are."

We live in a society that encourages fitting in over authenticity. We are trained to conform to accepted norms rather than trust our own instincts and emotions. Most people never get to know their true self. It takes time, effort, and a little courage to look inside and reveal your hidden nature.

The decision to question our preferences and interests, to explore our wounds and trauma is brave and radical.


Learn mindfulness practices to connect with your mind-body-spirit
Mindfulness is a practice of observing your mind and how it works; your body and how it works; and your Spirit and how it wants to communicate with you. There are many tools and practices that can create a mindfulness practice you will be able to find the ones that work best for you. 

Cultivating a mindfulness practice is the first step to finding fulfillment and deep meaning.

Deep Knowing

Reconnect to your inner landscape and uncover your path to deep happiness 
What do you love? What do you hate? Are you sure? So many people are living lives that were partially or fully designed by other people–parents, spouses, communities, etc. We put on the life other people envision for us and never take a moment to tune in and ask “Does this resonate with me? Does this feel right? Who am I doing this for?” 

Self-awareness begins the examination of your choices and helps you decide what you keep and what no longer serves you.

Connect to the Body

Discover your body’s signals and alerts around rest, stress, fear, excitement, hunger, happiness, etc.
The body sends us signals that let us know how we feel about what is happening around us. It lets you know basic things like, when you need to eat and also more complex things like, this relationship is no longer meeting my needs.

Reconnecting to your body’s signals restores a vital part of your intuition and inner wisdom.

Growth & Healing

Embrace conscious growth by healing the wounds that hold you back
We all have baggage that makes achieving our desired goals challenging if not improbable without doing our inner work. The decision to grow your consciousness is an agreement to heal what is holding you back. You have to feel it to heal it and for so many people that idea is frightening enough to scare them away. Don’t let it stop you.

You can do this, your wounds can heal without taking you out and the results make it all worth it.

Energies & Sensitivities

Second Realm of Experience

"Highly sensitive people learned early in life to try to control the external world as a way to attempt to manage their inner one."

Everyone has a different collection of attributes that make them unique. Empaths are no different. Your traits and gifts differ and it is important to know what your sensitives are and how to best care for them. The energy systems throughout the body influence your experience of sensory input and you can learn to better manage your energy so you have more opportunities for experiencing comfort and happiness in your life.

Energy Systems

Learn the individual functions of the human energy system components; chakras, meridians, and the nervous system.
This is the part of our body we know the least about, it isn’t taught to us in school or by most doctors and yet your energy system is complex and a vital part of your health. These system can be supported through meditation and energy exercises that help you keep them in good working order.

Improve your physical, mental, and spiritual health through the care and understanding of the Human Energy Systems.

Energy's Role in Your Identity

Discover the connection between behaviors and how our energy systems operate.
Some of our behaviors are triggered by certain energy patterns, these would be considered reactions to stimuli. There are positive or helpful behaviors and there are also unhelpful behaviors. Once you understand the connection between some behaviors and energy you can begin to learn how to choose a response instead of a reaction.

Understanding why and how certain energy affects your behavior allows you to make choices instead of unconscious reactions.

Tools for Success

Use meditation and other energy exercises to manage your energy system and regulate your emotions.
You will learn a collection of tools to manage your energy for maximum health. These tools are designed to be simple to use on a regular basis as Energetic Hygiene. These tools help Empaths, Sensitives, and Neurodivergent folks take care of themselves and stay in comfortable and effective states.

Keep yourself in good working order, managing your sensitivities to stay productive (whatever that looks like for you), comfortable, and content.

Your Unique Instruction Manual

Know your sensitivities and how to care for yourself
Each Empath, Sensitive, and Neurodivergent has a different collection of sensory issues. Explore what yours are and learn the positive side of these traits as well as how to care for yourself to best manage your health and wellbeing.

It is time to write your very own Care and Healing Instruction Manual.

Intuitive Living

Third Realm of Experience

"Intuition is always right in at least two important ways; It is always in response to something. It always has your best interest at heart."

You have the wisdom to lead yourself through any challenge. Only your Higher Self can guide you through challenges, opportunities, and even failures and disappointments with grace and flair. Through your intuition you create a life that is truly authentic.

There will be no magic when you follow someone else’s path or try to live up to societal expectations instead of listening to your own heart and soul.

Developing Intuition

Cultivate accessing your inner wisdom creating confidence and building a meaningful life.
We all have intuition and most of us use it every day without even knowing it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn what your brand of intuition is and how to recognize it and access it consciously? You can.

Just like muscles, the more you use it the strong your intuition gets. 

Responsible Intuition

Explore the psychic senses and use them ethically.
Many empaths don’t even realize that what they are doing is reading people’s energy and will, unbeknownst to them, read people and talk to those people about personal information they shouldn’t be privy to knowing. It is often upsetting for everyone. 

Learn how to turn your intuition on and off and hold solid boundaries around sharing the info you get.

Spirit Guides

Work with your guides and learn how to communicate with them.
There exists so much more than we can see with our eyes. Spirits of all sorts exist and we can learn to sense and communicate with them. You can work with Spirits in all kinds of ways from finding a good parking spot to creating a work of art or a business.

Communicating with Spirit guides enriches your life and provides a path towards your purpose and unique expression.

Validating Your Experiences

Receive support while your authentic experience of the unseen world is validated.
Many people are experiencing psychic impressions without any training at all and it can be frightening when you don’t know what is going on. Receiving validation of your experience allows you to accept it as true and see where it is leading you and how it can help you in navigating this world.

Your experiences of the unseen world are valid and you benefit greatly from understanding how your experiences work and what they mean for you.

Spiritual Exploration

Fourth Realm of Experience

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience."

We have been raised to look outward for our faith and beliefs. Taught to believe what our parents and our friends believe. You came with your own belief system, your own faith, and understanding of how the world works. If your parent’s faith doesn’t light you up, explore for yourself what is in your heart, what your soul knows to be true.

Should your truth be different from that of your family and friends, be sure to seek out a like-minded or open-minded community that will validate your truth so you can live but in one world with joy and confidence and not two with secrets and a hidden light that will breed confusion and insecurity.

Explore Your Faith

Define your personal faith in the way the world works.
Most of us inherit our faith from our families. We are raised with a set of beliefs about how the world works and never question it or examine it very closely. It isn’t until something major happens (like a pandemic) that provides an opportunity to reflect on those beliefs and begin to question the parts that don’t make sense anymore.

Exploring our faith can be a tender time and you can benefit from talking it out with someone neutral.

Dark Night of the Soul

Work through bumps in the road that rock your faith, defy your beliefs, and threaten what is most meaningful to you.
The world is hard and what we have been taught about God can leave us disillusioned when tragedy strikes or plans fall through. You can fall down a rabbit hole of doubt and self-judgment. Support through a dark night of the soul provides grounding, relief, and a direction for you move in.

Losing faith can be toxic to building our dreams, grounded support can change lives.

Connecting the Divine and the Real World

Allow your worlds to collide.
Embarking on a spiritual journey can be disorienting. You have a foot in two very different worlds, your “normal” life and this very beautiful, magical world. Moving back and forth feels right at first as this new world is still fragile, but eventually you want to bring these two part of you together and live in one world all the time.

Merging your normal side with your spiritual side brings peace to your heart and groundedness to your life.

Creating Your Rituals

Examine what has meaning for you and how you will acknowledge and celebrate it.
Ritual and celebration is an important part of the human experience. As you embrace your authentic spiritual expression you might find yourself moving away from some celebrations and in search of new ones that can embody your beliefs and faith better. 

Take the time to identify what is important to you and decide how you will celebrate it.

Applying the Methodology

Explore one or two Realms or all of them. Where we go is up to you. Each session, program or package will be built off the Four Realms of Experience.

The Vital Spirit Method explains what we will be working on, if you want to know how I work click How We Work Together.

There are a number of ways to work with me so I provided you a simple guide for moving forward.

Quantum Alignment Sessions

Intuitive energy healing and spiritual mentorship sessions made for empaths to heal from living as a sensitive in a harsh world. Each session is different and meets you where you are and brings you closer to your true self.

Choose this if: You are new and want to see if we are a good fit or you are a returning client wanting to check-in but you don’t require a program or package.

The Empath Apprenticeship

This 6-month program covers the foundational teachings and healings for empaths. Become a healthy and aware empath with the skills and abilities you need to build confidence, develop self-trust, and have more fulfilling relationships.

Choose this if: You are discovering what it means to be an empath, you need to learn how to take care of your energy, and want feel better in your own skin.


Every empath has a unique journey to embody their authentic life path. A mentor sees you and what you are capable of more clearly than you currently see yourself. Their job is to reflect that back to you while helping you navigate, press forward, and reframe challenges.

Choose this if: You understand being an empath, are dedicated to your spiritual journey, and understand the value of having a witness, healer, and cheerleader.

Ready to Explore Working Together?

You can schedule a free 30-minute call to discuss working together. We can talk face to face via Zoom to get to know each other. It is an opportunity to ask any questions you might have or address any concerns.