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Client Testimonials
Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Read what clients have to say about The Vital Spirit’s work in healing, mentoring, classes, and entrepreneurship.

...Quantum Alignment Testimonials

"Laura is a gifted intuitive and healer who provides a warm and safe space for powerful and transformative work to happen. I loved the combination of oracle reading, energy clearing, intuitive reading, and restorative reiki treatment. It was a smorgasbord of energy modalities that left me feeling clear, centered, and connected to my own inner knowing. As a practitioner she is both highly sensitive, empathic, and deeply grounded and able to hold space. Highly recommend her!"
"I cannot believe the difference in how I feel, since our session!! It's a very real improvement, and what a relief! I don't feel depressed, don't feel the heaviness or the sadness that has hung over me for a very long time. I was waiting to see if it was going to stay, or fade out, but I just feel so much better still!

I have to thank you with all my heart for your skills and talent that discovered what was hanging over me. WOW! It's making my life and my heart so much easier, to not be like that kid in Peanuts, walking around in a dark cloud. I've wondered why I couldn't shake this sadness, and enjoy the blessings that I have now at this time in my life.

I just feel 'easier' about everything, and am looking forward to more good days, and hopefully an improvement in my creativity too. I still have more paintings in me that I hope will work out to be beautiful things. I've always known that was my path. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for freeing me! YOU are AMAZING!!! Thank you Thank YOU and THANK YOU again!"
"I had no expectations and was immensely surprised and pleased with the quality of the sessions I had with Laura. I felt that Laura was dead on with her assessments and follow up, and she really helped validate my increasing comfort with saying that I am an empath, and on my journey to figuring out my path in life. She provided me with some glimpses into where I come from, and things that I will need to do in order to get where I want - ultimately - to be...Laura has a generous and warm spirit and was/is very comfortable to work with as I explore a more in-depth look at my life's direction. Thank you, Laura."
"Laura is amazing and really understands the challenges that Empaths face. She is able to get to the root of things quickly and provides immediate relief along with longer-term solutions. So good!"Thank you, Laura."

...Mentoring Testimonials

"Working with Laura has helped me see my potential and better understand how I want to show up in the world. She's taught me about how being an empath sets me apart- in ways I could never fully understand. She has genuinely helped me get to know myself, and learn how I can nurture myself, and in return nurture those around me."
"I met Laura Rowe about three years ago, it was a roll of the dice because I found her through a Google search I was in a pretty major transition at the time. My life was existing between two cities traveling back and forth for work owning and operating a business out of state while I was laying down roots in a new city and starting a new relationship. Needless to say a lot of pressure and stress.

Laura has been an incredible life coach, business coach, and healer! I can't say enough good things about her sessions! I feel so blessed to have found her she has helped me so much through these challenging times! With her compassion, life experience as a healer, and business owner herself I would say she's the total package! I always feel safe and inspired when I leave her sessions."
"I have worked with Laura on and off since about 2017. When I met her, I was just beginning to become aware of my connection to all that is, my inherent abilities as a healer and as a human, and I was on the cusp of a powerful and life-shifting spiritual awakening.

I attended a talk of Laura’s at New Renaissance alone one evening after a dear friend and love of mine had been told about it in connection with potential for their own healing journey. We bought our tickets. On the day of the event my friend cancelled on me, and I decided that I was curious and excited enough about the event to go on my own.

The event was like nothing I had ever attended, as I had really stayed away from anything “spiritual” or “woo woo” due to a combination of religious wounding and having had contact with some of the more materialistic and less embodied forms of consumerist spirituality that are prevalent in the “new age” space.

As soon as I saw Laura, I had the sense and immediate knowing that she was for real, and that I had to talk with her after the event. I spoke with her after the event. I knew I had found one of my teachers. I joined a group of hers soon after. From there we worked together one on one, including a few times of more intense work that was a sort of spiritual apprenticeship. We developed a balanced working relationship, and Laura created and fostered a relationship with me of deep trust and respect.

In 2018, my spiritual awakening process intensified, and I experienced a breakdown-breakthrough and a time of spiritual emergency in which I was briefly hospitalized because of staying up for several days experiencing a shamanic initiation and deep awakening into multidimensional reality and connection with my sacred purpose and vision. Laura was an integral part of my support system coming through this and into my embodied and integrated Self. She walked with me on my journey out of hopelessness and helplessness, into embodiment, hope, and unconditional love. 

Laura teaches and leads by example, and she humbly and beautifully acknowledges her limitations. She showed me how to trust and learn from myself and my energetic guidance system. She held space for me and saw me, as well as gently held me through my metamorphosis. Laura helped give me the courage to further face my own trauma and shadows and to learn to truly love and trust myself. She helped me build and trust my relationship with my intuitive and energetic guidance system and my path and purpose.

Laura supported me as I moved out of my “career” as an animal rights lawyer towards my vocational calling of supporting others’ journeys through work with non-ordinary states of consciousness and intuitive energy work. I consider Laura a much loved and deeply trusted mentor and teacher."

...Workshop Testimonials

"I really can't say enough about the benefits of the Thriving as an Empath workshop. Laura is genuine and knowledgeable and very personable. She facilitated the group perfectly and I learned actual tools to practice and fine tune to help me navigate life better than I was before. I finished with a base knowledge and understand more and more each day about living as an Empath. You will finish this workshop with no regrets!!"​
"This is a great course. Laura has an amazing ability to stand in both the science and the energetics of what it is to be an empath, and provides much needed clarity on this subject. She brings compassion, strength and wisdom to the group at all times. The tools she offers are simple yet powerful, and can immediately be woven into daily life with unmistakable benefit. I feel that my overall well-being has been enhanced by this course, and by working with Laura in general. She is a wise and intuitive healer, while always staying grounded and real. I am happy to include Laura, and the lovely members of the class, as part of my community far beyond the end of this course. This is definitely well worth the investment in a world full of self-help offerings. This is the real deal. Do yourself a favor and sign up!"
"I have happily been coming to Laura for healing and guidance for several years now. However, being invited to be apart of her class series for empaths became a game changer. Laura takes energy work and how to do it for yourself and made it easy to understand and accessible. The class is empowering as you begin to learn how to have a daily routine of cleansing and checking in with yourself. As well as a closer connection to spirit. Being in a group and laughing at the similarities between us makes someone who struggles with feeling different feel like there are people going through similar experiences. If you have the option to take this class go for it!"
"That was so fun!! First time I have ever “played” like that. What a fantastic concept and space you created. Up until now and for most ppl, you have these senses but brush it off, or think who’s gonna believe me, is this really true? I always wondered how does one know, learn or hone skills in a safe place —- well— Laura Rowe did it! For me this was a huge aha moment. One that gave me validation and anchored some serious trust in myself and that it’s the real deal. I can’t wait to learn, grow and expand more. Gave me the confidence and lift I needed. I’m also super jazzed and inspired now to continue on with my career projects and passions that I honestly was holding back on for not wanting to be thought of as false. I have the confidence to take another step forward and shine. I have a ton to learn but am excited for the next step and the journey. Thank you everyone for sharing that space tonight and having the courage to be there and trust. I didn’t know what to expect but it certainly surpassed what I thought. Hope to see this and me grow 🙏🏻♥️ 🌈 🦄"
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Angel Drinkwine
Workshop Participant and Mentoring Client
"I met Laura through a networking group of female entrepreneurs and immediately felt soothed and comforted by her welcoming greeting. She was interested in me and engaged me in the most down to earth kind of way. She could see that I was a bit of an introvert, and I may have told her I was right away because I felt so comfortable with her, so she offered to meet up just the two of us to hear about me and what I do. After meeting Laura for coffee, I was sold on her as a natural intuitive and healer. When I saw her posting for a class on Facebook, titled, “Tools for Thriving as an Empath,” it was such an easy decision to sign up. And I was not sorry I did! This class not only helped me identify myself as an Empath, it also put it perspective to me how important it is to take care of myself and develop rituals around self care in a substantial way that allows me to feel more free and able to show up fully for others in my life and my work. Laura validates as she teaches. She allows herself to be vulnerable too, displaying the strength in being a “sensitive” person. I cannot recommend this course more for anyone who even slightly considers themselves an Empath. I was guided to very deep parts of myself that needed acknowledgement and this freed me up tremendously. I can’t wait to take Laura’s on-going course to weave these new exercises and rituals into my daily life and make them natural habits. I am thriving more already. I trust Laura fully."

...Spiritual Business Coaching

"Laura's work combines sharp intuition and intelligence. It's a combination of healing and insight about the way forward. For me, it's a great combination of spirituality meets energy healing and business acumen. You walk out feeling ready to move ahead with more purpose and clarity."
Vanessa Couto
Business Client
"Laura's empathic abilities are amazing! Combine them with her amazing way of supporting people in their business and you have a winning combination! Whether working on my mind/body/spirit or business I highly recommend her to get your business going, find that new direction, or refresh what you are doing. You could spend months at a counselor talking about what you want to change or get to the heart of it by quickly shifting blocks that have been holding you back. Your life and your business will be abundant!"​
Regenia Benton
Business Client
"Laura is such a lovely combo of woo and practical. Her appreciation of my spirituality, use of her guides, business acumen, and practical know how led to creating intake flow that has up-leveled my professionalism. She has helped me grow and my business grow.

And after hearing me lament many times about not feeling clear in my intake process, and how to manage client flow and lifecycle efficiently, she took mercy upon me. She said that she felt after getting to know me and my business that she could help create a system that would work. I have asked for help with this from many other coaches, and never really nailed the heart of it.

She brought her sweet mind salve to my business flow. She did a LOT of listening to my intake, asked poignant questions, and showed me that I was giving away too much free time. Active listening? Please! Does not do her justice! I increased my prices on my services based on the time investment. I am making more money, and enjoying the intake process!

I love to woo it up, but I also really like to combine that with a finished product. And this was that! She is fun, funny, personable and gets shit done. And my business is forever up-leveled for it."
Beth Trimark-Connor
Business Client

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