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I conducting sessions by phone or video call for anyone outside the Portland area or who would prefer it. If you are unfamiliar with how distance sessions for energy work compare to in-person session, you can read about it by clicking the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Quantum Alignment discusses energy patterns, ancestral healing, Universal archetypes/ themes, and laws, not psychology. Energy work addresses a world not fully acknowledged by traditional psychological practices and often is the missing piece for empaths who have struggled feeling better despite years of therapy.

Patterns of behavior refers to one or a collection of behaviors that are the result of a traumatic experience. For example, people pleasing is a pattern of behavior that will look different in each person but is habitual, unconscious, and sacrifices a person’s identity and will. 

Trauma has become better understood over the last decade. There is little t trauma and big T trauma. Big T is what most people think of when they hear trauma; car accident, death of a loved one, rape, to name a few.

Little t trauma is tricky because everyone processes events or situations differently. What one person thinks is no big deal can cause another person harm that has unintended consequences for a long time. Succinctly, a little t trauma is an emotional experience that is cut short where the person is not allowed to express all that they are feeling.

For example, a child gets their feelings hurt and cries, an adult in charge says “quit your crying or I’ll give you something to cry about.” This trauma teaches a child to stuff their emotions down. This exchange can create all kinds of issues, such as anxiety, depression, dissociation, and more. Trauma has more to do with the aftermath than the incident.

I describe spirituality as the belief in a divine energy, something greater than the ego self (God, the Universe, Source, etc), combined with a curiosity to explore yourself and your relationship to it.  A spiritual journey or path is the exploration and development of your soul.

Generally speaking, you will experience relief and a shift after each session. More specifically here are somethings that speed up or slow down your healing progress:

  • your clarity and intention about the issue that you are healing
  • the complexity of the issue you are healing
  • your level of commitment to healing
  • your level of resistance to healing

Occasionally, it is a one and done situation and that happens when you are really clear about yourself and what you want to see happen.

More commonly, it is a process and takes 3-4 sessions for a specific issue. Most of my clients work with me over a 6-month period, averaging two sessions a month, to see the progress they want. Some complete and others continue their work but as a spiritual journey instead of a need to heal.

Each soul has made a decision to be born into a body. Each soul has had many lifetimes in many bodies, and each decision comes with a loose plan for your soul’s intention for that life. Things and emotions your soul (you) want to experience, that is the soul’s blueprint.  The experiences we have in our body can sometimes throw us off our blueprint, many people never get back in sync with it. We can become too scared, too resentful, or too damaged to live how we came to live. Quantum Alignment’s goal is always to bring you closer to your original blueprint.