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How We Work Together

Discover how we work together with these principles: Learn, Practice, Align. How you see yourself and the world can change and life can be fulfilling.

Does this feel familiar?

You have felt a sense of being isolated throughout your life. It seemed you were the odd man or woman out of your family and during your school years.

It took a while for you to realize that you see the world differently from those around you, even those closest to you.

You were teased about being too emotional, too sensitive.

Over time, it became clear you were better off blending into social situations by mimicking social behaviors and even certain personality traits and speech patterns.

You didn’t even know you were doing this, it just happened over time. Your ego’s way of protecting itself from sticking out and being embarrassed.

Over a life time, this behavior has left you feeling isolated, awkward, and vulnerable. But mostly confused.

Somewhere along the way, you lost you. You never fully developed your own personality. You realize you aren’t even sure what you like or are genuinely interested in.

You probably have a small but diverse set of friend that do not know each other. You shift your personality slightly when you are with different people. It is natural for you to do this and you don’t give it much thought. It is awkward to think of putting several of these friends together, which version of you would you be and how would that even work?

You developed this chameleon habit very young to fit in and avoid being outcast or rejected. Over time, this habit of adapting your personality began to also include people pleasing behaviors, it is a natural extension. You feel you need to be useful to people. That people need a reason to have you around or they wouldn’t want to include you in their lives.

So you unconsciously began looking after other people’s needs and desires and rarely, if ever, think of yourself and what is right for you. You feel your ability to help people get their needs met is a gesture of love and feel pride at being good at it. It feels kind and generous.

However, this pattern also often leaves you feeling unseen and unappreciated, so you just try harder and feel even emptier.

This is pretty much my story and if you relate to any part of it and are ready to either explore who you are or unlock how to be yourself with others, stay with me. Keep reading.

How it's been going?

You have probably already tried a variety of methods to help you feel less awkward and find a sense of belonging. You may have tried talk therapy, read self-help books, or have taken personal development classes.

While you probably found some great answers and tools on your quest, you’re still struggling and feeling somewhat defeated after your hard work.

What's been missing

What has been missing from the solutions you tried is the integration of the following:

  • the healing and management of human energy patterns
  • wounds and behavioral work-arounds that come with being an empath/neurodivergent
  • a spiritual context to help you understand your experiences.

We are complex creatures living in a complex world. There is so much more happening around us and to us than the human eye and the current instruments of science can detect. Quantum physics is helping us understand the world of energy and how it affects us and we affect it. 

Human beings have energy centers that can be felt but can’t be seen; chakras and meridians. The way empaths and sensitives experience energy, both their own and the energy of others, is quite different than non-empaths. 

  • Most traditional methods of addressing the issues that empaths and other neurodivergents struggle with do not include energy tools and management. 
  • Traditional methods see your issues as psychological problems instead of coping behaviors established because of energetic problems.
  • And they don’t often address your spirituality–the big picture view of the world that allows for greater understanding of your role and purpose here.

The keys for achieving success–truly feeling comfortable in your own skin with a sense of belonging and the ability to connect with other people in healthy ways–is a combination of these principles:


We are made up of energy systems and we are affected by energy patterns. 

You will learn tools; meditations and energy exercises that protect, clear, and strengthen your energy systems establishing healthy energetic boundaries, leading to healthier relationships.

We will heal or transform energy patterns like generational trauma and societal programs with intuitive energy healing.


Our behaviors are either learned from our families or developed as a reaction to energy patterns like trauma.

We will discuss those behavior that are causing you trouble and root down to the cause. You will understand why you developed the behaviors and will we make conscious what made them necessary. 

Consciousness is the first and most important step in changing the behavior to something healthier.

Spiritual Context


We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We will discuss the bigger picture of our world and where you fit into it.

You were born with a unique blueprint and plan for your life. We work together to align you with this blueprint, shedding behaviors/ beliefs that don’t serve you and exploring purpose.

Spiritual context brings clarity and confidence because it comes from within you.

Living life from this integrative and holistic perspective changes how you see yourself and the world. You clearly understand your inherent value and connecting with others finally feels good and fulfilling.

“Dealing with emotional energy is the hallmark of being an empath; however, it isn’t what makes you an empath, it is merely a side effect. Empaths are here on planet Earth, in large numbers, at this time in history to usher in a more loving and connected society. But in order to be successful empaths must DO THEIR INNER WORK. How each empath is lead to spread love is their work, their purpose, their why. So, if the question is, “Why am I afflicted with sensitivity?” “To Spread Love,” is the answer.”

Laura Rowe

Spiritual Seeker & Intuitive Healer

Empower Your Empathic Nature

No two empaths are the same, therefore our work together is tailored to your specific goals and needs. My job is to support you while you learn to work with your natural energy system, guide you as you release old patterns and programs that don’t support your desired goals, and help you navigate your unique spiritual path. Embracing the empath skill set allows you to embody your true nature–who you were born to be before life experiences armored you up. 

Where to Begin

There are a number of ways to work with me so I provided you a simple guide for moving forward.

Quantum Alignment Sessions

Intuitive energy healing and spiritual mentorship sessions made for empaths and other neurodivergents to heal from living as a sensitive in a harsh world. Each session is different and meets you where you are and brings you closer to your true self.

Choose this if: You are new and want to see if we are a good fit or you are a returning client wanting to check-in but you don’t require a program or package.

The Empath Apprenticeship

This 6-month program covers the foundational teachings and healings for empaths. Become a healthy and aware empath with the skills and abilities you need to build confidence, develop self-trust, and have more fulfilling relationships.

Choose this if: You are discovering what it means to be an empath, you need to learn how to take care of your energy, and want feel better in your own skin.


Everyone has a unique journey to embody their authentic life path. A mentor sees you and what you are capable of more clearly than you currently see yourself. Their job is to reflect that back to you while helping you navigate, press forward, and reframe challenges.

Choose this if: You understand being an empath/ neurodivergent, are dedicated to your spiritual journey, and understand the value of having a witness, healer, and cheerleader.

Ready to Explore Working Together?

You can schedule a free 30-minute call to discuss working together. We can talk face to face via Zoom to get to know each other. It is an opportunity to ask any questions you might have or address any concerns.