How We Work Together

You have felt that you don’t fit into your family, social groups, and workplaces because you are a sensitive or empath. Perhaps your family wasn’t nurturing, maybe the kids your age teased you for being emotional, or you didn’t understand what was expected of you in social settings. 

This left you feeling isolated, awkward, and vulnerable. You are tormented–second-guessing yourself in social situations and relationships worrying that you shared too much or didn’t share enough. 

Afraid of rejection you developed the habit of pleasing your people. Over time, this habit has become almost unconscious and you think of other people’s needs and desires and rarely if ever think of yourself and what is right for you.

You feel your ability to please others is a gesture of love and feel pride at your big-hearted generosity. This pattern often leaves you feeling unseen and unappreciated, so you try harder.

You have probably already tried a variety of methods to help you feel less awkward and find a sense of belonging. You may have tried talk therapy, read self-help books, or have taken personal development classes.

While you probably found some great answers and tools on your quest, you’re still struggling and feeling somewhat defeated after your hard work.

What has been missing from the solutions you tried is an understanding of how empaths process energy in their systems and the role energy plays in your relationships.

How empaths manage their energy systems plays a vital role in establishing healthy boundaries, and there are tools you can learn to manage your energy better.

The principles for achieving success–truly feeling comfortable in your own skin with a sense of belonging is a combination of these principles:

Learn, because it is important to understand how empaths differ from the general population.

Learn tools, meditations, and energy exercises that protect, clear, and strengthen the energy system establishing healthy energetic boundaries, leading to healthier relationships.

Practice, because practicing energy tools resets your energy field and creates a more comfortable environment and better boundaries.

The development of a mindfulness practice is a powerful part of successful empaths. Practices can be simple or intricate.

Align, because you need to heal from old wounds in order to engage in your relationships honestly and in your best interest.

We are born with a unique blueprint and plan for our lives. Intuitive Energy Healing aligns you with this blueprint, shedding behaviors/ beliefs that don’t serve you.

When you can implement these principles, how you see yourself and the world changes. You clearly understand your inherent value and connecting with others finally feels good and fulfilling.

“Dealing with emotional energy is the hallmark of our nature; however, it is not what makes you an empath, it is merely a symptom. Empaths are here on planet Earth, in large numbers, at this time in history to DO THEIR WORK. How each empath is lead to spread love is their work, their purpose, their why. So, if the question is, “Why am I afflicted with sensitivity?” “To Spread Love,” is the answer.”

Laura Rowe

Spiritual Seeker & Intuitive Healer

Empower Your Empathic Nature

No two empaths are the same, therefore our work together is tailored to your specific goals and needs. Supporting you on how to work with your natural energy system, release old patterns and programs that don’t support your desired goals, and teaching tools for managing your energy. Embracing the empath skill set allows you to embody your true nature, who you were born to be before life experiences armored you up. 

What to Expect During a Session

Quantum Alignment Sessions

Quantum Alignment unravels expectations, desires, and fears so the client is able to act from their core identity. Our life experience shapes who we are and how we show up in the world. Many of us also have ancestral and past-life experiences that affect how we show up in the world.

Spirit-led Entrepreneurs

Talks, Classes, and Workshops

Classes are a great way to begin working with Laura. She teaches about being empath and modern spirituality. She has a regular monthly class that includes a meditation and group healing. There is also the cornerstone class Tools for Thriving as an Empath.


Customized Mentoring Package

Mentoring will be different for each client, tailored to their specific goals and focus. Training the client how to work with their natural energy system, release old patterns and programs that don’t support their stated goals, and educating them about their skills and senses.

Ready to Explore Working Together?

You can schedule a free 30-minute call to discuss working together. We can talk face to face via Zoom to get to know each other. It is an opportunity to ask any questions you might have or address any concerns.