Many empaths struggle with fitting in and feeling a sense of belonging. 

You have felt that your don’t fit into your family, social groups, and workplaces because you are a sensitive or empath. 

Perhaps your family wasn’t nurturing, maybe the kids your age teased you for being emotional, or you didn’t understand what was expected of you in social settings. This left you feeling isolated, awkward, and vulnerable. 

You are tormented by second-guessing yourself in social situations and relationships worrying that you shared too much or didn’t share enough. Afraid of rejection you developed the habit of pleasing your people. 

Over time this habit has become almost unconscious and you think of other people’s needs and desires and rarely if ever think of yourself and what is right for you. 

You feel like your ability to please others is a gesture of love and feel pride at your big hearted generosity. This pattern often leaves you feeling unseen and unappreciated so you try harder.

Is This You?

Empaths come in all shapes and flavors. If you are not sure if you are an empath, and one of these fits your experience then you can rest assure you are indeed an empath. 

You have been told you are "too sensitive" your whole life...

You have worked hard to cover your emotions and reactions so others don’t notice. It started with our parents and continued on to friends, partners, perhaps even co-workers or bosses. all telling you that your responses to their comments were “too emotional.” 

You have struggled with being seen or heard in your relationships...

No one knows the real you. You naturally and unconsciously change how you express yourself to match each person you have in your life. You value your relationships above everything else in life. And you struggle to find relationships that honor you and your true value. 

You walk into a room and immediately take the emotional temperature and adjust your behavior...

You feel emotional energy more acutely than other people. It is real — you aren’t making it up or strange. Perhaps you have always been affected by the emotional states of other people or perhaps it is a sensitivity that has grown with age. 

You have something to contribute to society and you struggle with how to do that...

You’ve thought about starting a business or you did it already but you aren’t sure it is right for you. Sales and marketing are just not your jam. You feel you are supposed to be doing something important in the world. And you haven’t found your work life to be fulfilling. Something about the jobs you’ve held doesn’t match your values. 

"Laura's empathic abilities are amazing!"

"Combine them with her amazing way of supporting people in their business and you have a winning combination! Whether working on my mind/body/spirit or business I highly recommend her to get your business going, find that new direction, or refresh what you are doing. You could spend months at a counselor talking about what you want to change or get to the heart of it by quickly shifting blocks that have been holding you back. Your life and your business will be abundant!"​
Regenia Benton

My most successful clients have these things in common...

Quantum Alignment Sessions

Intuitive energy healing and spiritual mentorship sessions made for empaths to heal from living as a sensitive in a harsh world. Each session is different and meets you where you are and brings you closer to your true self.

Tools for Thriving as an Empath

A 6-week class designed for people new to their discovery of being an empath. Learn how being an empath effects you and discover the tools that help you manage your energy and emotions. Begins Monday 10/4/21 at 5:00pm.

Aligned Journey Talks

Monthly Discussions on Modern Spirituality. A new topic every month. Each discussion ends with a healing meditation. Suggested donation $20, no one denied. We meet online the 3rd Thursday of each month at 5:00 PM PST.

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