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Mastermind Guidelines

A mastermind group of purpose journeyers seeking to construct thriving and financially abundant businesses. We are choosing to dance with Spirit. We are in an active conversation with our higher selves and the Divine (in whatever form that is for each of us). We are seekers, and we advise from a place that is inclusive and respectful of each individual’s own journey and experience.

The Basics

  • Meet on the 2nd Tuesday from 9 am – 12 pm at World Cup Coffee
  • Brainstorm about purpose, business, and dancing with Spirit
  • Discuss “right livelihood” within the context of solid, successful business building
  • Share victories and defeats
  • Offer accountability
  • Ask for help around our business needs and situations
  • Post links to resources, opportunities, events, and articles that might benefit each other.
  • Support each other’s needs as we grow and develop ourselves and our businesses
  • Hold space for each other as we wrestle with our edges and push through our limiting beliefs

This Mastermind Group is Not…

A support group. Support groups offer companionship and encouragement where you’re at. A mastermind group, however, is about moving forward, helping you achieve a goal or dream. To sustain forward motion, all members must be committed to the effort to grow and call each other onward and upward. We can allow space for members to express their concerns and fears, but we are not here to fix anybody, simply hold space and keep moving forward. Members may consider doing one-on-one work outside the group for particularly sticky issues. Business ownership is all about personal growth and you may occasionally need help moving through limiting beliefs and emotional blocks.

A competition. We understand that growth often comes in spurts or seasons, though, so it is not a competition. It is an active think tank of support and community for its members.

Facilitation and Commitment

  • This mastermind group is facilitated by Laura Rowe of The Vital Spirit, who is responsible for organizing and facilitating monthly meetings, arranging meeting space, and maintaining the Facebook group.
  • However, leadership is shared by all members who may propose suggestions and ideas for the group.
  • The group requests a one-year commitment with dues of $333 due quarterly. We also understand that life is unpredictable and circumstances can require an individual to cut their participation short of the year.
  • If a member feels the group is not a good fit, she or he will inform the facilitator and the other member about stepping out, not simply avoid communication and stop showing up at meetings.
  • If a member would like a one-on-one business session to support their growth process, I will be offering sessions at a discounted rate of $111.00.


The great thing about a closed group is that we can share everything from personal struggles to brainstorms in a safe, private place and receive advice and encouragement from people we know we can trust with fragile things. For us to wholly benefit from this aspect of a mastermind group, we must respect each other’s privacy in these ways…

  • Ideas and situations discussed in meetings or on the Facebook group are to be kept private within our group, with the mindset that “If it’s not my idea/situation, I won’t be the one to make it public.” This includes requests for support, blog updates, product development, marketing ideas, business details and personal details.
  • Members may publicly quote something said in a meeting or FB group only after requesting permission.