Vision2020 Check-In

Saturday October 17, 2020
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Held via Zoom
Cost $35.00

Way back in January, you know–a year ago or so, I hosted a workshop around planning your 2020, for business or personal development. We gathered together to use our intuition, our imagination, and our guidance to set the course for achieving some of our goals.

I am certain that a global pandemic and global civil rights movement was not part of your vision for 2020. In light of this, I invite you to join me on Saturday October 17th to center and ground ourselves for the remaining of a very intense year. Even if you didn’t go to the one in January, I invite you to connect with us for this workshop.

We’re going to mingle the practical with the mystical.

Engaging our left brain with our right.

Asking our guides for their insight.

Aligning our energy to our new direction.

We’re going to set our inner compass and make the very best for ourselves in the rest 2020.

We meet via Zoom and begin with a nourishing meditation. We will connect with our inner child and give them some love and nurturing before connecting with your higher self as well as your guides and angels.

My goal for this workshop will be to help you plan the next few months with focus and foundation during one of the most uncertain periods of time that has happened in a century. If like many of us, whatever you were planning in January is on hold, then this is the time to connect with what you do need to be focusing on now and make a loose and gentle plan for sanity, peace, and forward momentum.

We will have oracle/tarot reading opportunities throughout and I am going to invite some sharing about what has changed for you, what your fears are, what you are wanting to focus on, and where you need guidance. I want people to share only to the level of their comfort because we are experiencing a shared trauma so the playing field has leveled and gentleness is called for. We are all in this together.

A workshop for calling in your energy and Spirit for the road ahead.

Things to have on hand for the Zoom meeting:

  • A journal (paper or digital)
  • A candle
  • Your favorite tarot or oracle deck(s)

Previous attendance is not a requirement to attend.