Thriving through Transformation Package

Are you going through a period of transformation? Starting a new job? Starting or ending a relationship? Walking a particularly sticky part of your spiritual path? Invest in yourself and thrive while navigating new territory–creating new routines and clearing away resistance.

As we move through transitions in our life, even exciting ones and positive ones, we can encounter resistance within ourselves towards our new situation. Intuitive energy healing can clear off old energy patterns and help you thrive as you embrace the future.

This is a great way to impact any immediate concerns, be they physical, emotional or spiritual. In three sessions, we will ground, clear, and energize you while supporting your growth through changing times with healing. When you purchase three sessions upfront, you can save some money too. Save 15% when you buy this package for $380.  You have up to three months to schedule the three sessions, however for maximum impact schedule the sessions one to two weeks apart.

“I felt a real shift after my first appointment with Laura… the emotional stress I was feeling was reduced and after a few more weekly visits I can say that she has provided a nice boost to my psychological/spiritual development.  I recommend Laura for anyone seeking a bit of acceleration along their path to wholeness.”

~ RP, 40, Acupuncturist