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Thriving as an Empath

Creating a Heartfelt Future

A common trait among empaths is the focus on justice. I believe empaths were made for this time in history to right the ship by vocally and visibly fighting for justice. Social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities.

Empath have an understanding of social justice naturally. They already see the intrinsic value of every person and their divine right to live their unique path. This justice cosmology wasn’t learned, it was already there. 

So how do empaths become involved in social justice without becoming overwhelmed? That is what I will be talking about on November 9th. Empaths are here in greater numbers, seeking to understand themselves and their differences at a crucial moment in the evolution of humans.

And if they choose to they can have a great influence on this chaotic time by helping society into their hearts, thinking of the community AND the individual, and basing our power and status around love and cooperation, not money and hierarchical control. Empaths can be the disruptors of the system.

If we choose to, we have an important, even critical role to play right now. However, it will be essential that we heal our wounds so we can show up for this quiet revolution.

Join Laura Rowe and the California Institute of Integral Studies for a two-day virtual workshop on the gifts of empathy. Learn how empaths can participate in building a more comfortable world by healing their wounds and embracing their sensitivities. Laura will begin by exploring the challenges of being an empath, especially right now, and lead participants through a guided healing focused on power and the solar plexus chakra.

On Day 2, Laura will illustrate how empaths are uniquely skilled to demonstrate how the world can be more kind and inclusive. She will discuss the many gifts empaths have to share and how those gifts can impact change. By embracing what makes empaths different, they can build for themselves a life that truly satisfies them on a personal level but also creates a ripple effect through their community and out into the world. All by reframing what comes naturally for empaths and seeing the incredible value self-acceptance has on a community.

Each participant will walk away with practical tools for managing their energy and an empowered perspective of what empaths can do and be in the world.  Participants will 

  • learn the basic building block energy tools that every empath can use to focus on their own needs and wellbeing. 
  • have time for reflection/journaling 
  • participate in breakout rooms 
    • for practicing two exercises
    • a group discussion on their experiences as empaths.
  • experience a guided healing meditation for power and the solar plexus chakra

Register to Attend

Thriving as an Empath
Creating a Heartfelt Future
Online Workshop

February 4 and 5, 2023
Time: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM Pacific Time

Regular Registration: $100-$180
CIIS Public Programs Member Registration: $80-$144

About the Facilitator

Laura Rowe is an empath, spiritual seeker, and intuitive healer in Portland, Oregon. 

Laura founded The Vital Spirit in 2013 and has worked with hundreds of empaths helping them feel comfortable in their skin and connected in this world. 

She has spent 35 years studying spiritual traditions and practices and the last 16 years studying empaths and training in intuitive energy healing modalities, with certificates in reiki and Theta Healing.