Conscious Livelihood for
Spirit-led Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs, especially Spirit-led entrepreneurs, experience an often unanticipated voyage of personal development. The challenges that crop up in building and marketing our business represent our own areas for development, past struggles, and/or insecurities. I work with spirit-led business owners at any stage of business. Whether you are just beginning, ready to reinvent your work, or simply looking for clarity and support during the journey. I support spirit-led entrepreneurs as they pursue their purpose and build a fulfilling and thriving business.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~ Howard Thurman

Business Alchemy | Services for Spirit-led Entrepreneurs

Business Alchemy is a collection of services where practical business support merges with Spirit to support whole-hearted entrepreneurs plan, strategize, align, grow, and THRIVE.  Services combine intuitive strategy, quantum alignment, along with workflow design and organizational development consulting. We review your business, assess your desires,  and provide insight so that you develop a healthy business that will allow you to feel deeply fulfilled and attain success on your terms. Business Alchemy philosophy is not one-size-fits-all. There are no cookie-cutter solutions. It is led and directed by your Spirit and your business. Designed for seekers who chose owning and running a business as one of their paths to spirituality.

The Paradigm Shift | Claiming Yourself through Business

Empaths and Lightworkers are championing the evolution of culture and business by leading from their heart-center. Build a business that serves your values and beliefs while creating wealth and a lifestyle that supports you. Business Alchemy allows you to open and expand your power and presence to create true abundance for yourself. Claim yourself and embody fulfillment of purpose, earn ample income, and feel true satisfaction in your life.

“Laura has a combination of universal gifts that aren’t easy to find in one person. I have never met anyone like her. She is a gifted healer, intuitive, and is also an amazing study of business operations. She uses both this intuition and practical knowledge in one fluid motion to move your personal and business goals in ways that are simply incredible. At the core of my success has been Laura’s counsel and guidance. If you work in a creative or wellness field – particularly if you are self-employed or working to make a go of it – meet Laura!”

In need of a quick read?

A 30-minute intuitive reading for a specific business situation, challenge or opportunity.
Explore a situation from business, spiritual, and intuitive perspectives.

Spirit-led Business Offerings

Quantum Alignment

Intuitive Energy Healing
$ 225 90-minute session
  • Align your energy with your business goals, find more success through inner work
  • Sessions also cover strategy and brainstorming challenges or obstacles
  • Deeper dives into business relationships–employees, partners, or vendors.

Strategy Intensive

Operations & Work-Flow Consulting
$ 600 4-Hour Session
  • Intensives will focus on one or three areas - Business processes and workflow
  • Design of company products and services offerings
  • Mapping the client lifecycle for maximum retention and life-time services

Purpose & Practice

Intuitive Business Development Package
$ 2,550 6-Month Package
  • Intuitive business development includes 3 hours a month for six months
  • Bi-Weekly 60-minute strategy session to help you develop, structure, and market your business.
  • Bi-Weekly 30-minute session to clear the clutter and heal your stuck and fearful places.

Ready to Explore Working Together?

You can schedule a free 30-minute call to discuss working together. We can talk face to face via video call to get to know each other. We can explore the various services The Vital Spirit offers spiritual entrepreneurs and you can ask any questions you might have or address any concerns.