Scholarships and Discounts

We’ve all been there. Despite our best intentions, we end up in a situation where we need support to walk to the next destination on the journey but we are strapped. I have been there and people helped me so I am paying it forward. I want to be there for others who are ready to make the changes needed to bring them to their new destination. Scholarships and discounts can make that a reality.

To that end, here are a couple of options for getting the alignment support you need to thrive.

Emergency Session – a one-time session to determine next steps and get energetically aligned for best outcomes.

Discounted Package – up to four one-hour sessions that can be paid for up front or one at a time for $450.00.

Scholarship – there are three scholarship spots. Here’s how it works: Six months of one-hour sessions, meeting as frequently as once a week, all over the phone. Pay what can, minimum $40 a session. Payments accepted through electronic payment only. If all spots are filled, there will be a first come, first serve waitlist and you will be contacted as soon as there is an opening.

Emergency Session

One Off Session
$ 125
90 Minute Session
  • Energetic alignment to ground and clear your energy. Creating a strong foundation
  • Support determining next steps and clearing paralyzing blocks
  • Access to energy tools to sustain alignment achieved in session.

Discounted Package

Up to 4 Sessions
$ 450
60 Minute Sessions
  • Payment up front is preferred but can be done one at a time
  • Use right away or space them out, no time limit for use
  • Schedule through Laura to maximize available space, priority to phone sessions


Six-month program
$ 40+ 60 Minute Sessions
  • Pay what you can, minimum $40/session, paid electronically
  • One hour sessions, once per week, all virtual (phone)
  • Three spots available at any one time. Waitlist available, first come, first serve