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Scholarship Details & Registration

We’ve all been there. Despite our best intentions, we end up in a situation where we need support to walk to the next destination on the journey, but we are strapped. I have been there and people helped me so I am paying it forward. I want to be there for others who are ready to make the changes needed to bring them to their new destination. Scholarships can make that a reality.

Wellness should not be a luxury, nor should anyone be priced out of receiving care. If my services are out of your price range, please consider enrolling in a scholarship spot.

Scholarships Guideline

Pay at the level you can afford. We are in challenging times and there are no salary caps or scrutiny. I ask that you connect with your heart and choose the right path for yourself. The work is done with love and integrity and my expectation is that clients do the same when finding a comfortable price level.

Scholarship Details

I offer three scholarship spots at any one time. Here’s how it works: 

  • Each scholarship is for six months.
  • All sessions are one-hour long. 
  • Sessions can be as frequent as once a week
  • All sessions are over the phone or video. 
  • Pay what you can, suggested minimum $60 a session
  • Electronic payment only, no cash or check unless paying in advance. 
  • When all spots are filled, there is a first come, first serve waitlist, and I will contact as soon you as there is an opening.
If you would like to use this option, please complete this intake questionnaire and consent to the disclaimer. I will contact you within 48 hours to either schedule or let you know you are on the waitlist and an approximate timeline for your first appointment.

What does the Scholarship entail?

The scholarship is for regular one hour Quantum Alignment sessions with the goal of working through those behaviors, patterns, and emotional wounds that hold you back from living a life of fulfillment.

Regular implies one or more sessions per month for six months. Designed for people who are ready to invest in their wellbeing and committed to doing their inner work so they can live a more authentic and fulfilling life.

To register, sign up here and we will meet to talk about your goals and what my work is like. I will let you know during that session whether you can begin right away or be added to a wait list, and how long the wait might be.

What Can You Expect from Quantum Alignment Session

Quantum refers to the energy we are working with during sessions. Energy work is quantum physics, not magic. 

Alignment is the goal of each session–to align your energy with the signature of your soul, who you came here to be, who you were before the world changed you.

Quantum Alignment sessions are an intuitive energy healing process designed integrate emotional trauma and release your soul’s true nature allowing you to find more joy and fulfillment from life.

Awakening into the understanding of quantum physics as a healing and spiritual path. Through it, we can own our power as co-creators of our experience.

Learn about what happens during a Quantum Alignment session.