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Our current economic climate has paved the way for me to make a change in my pricing structure that has long been on my mind. I am moving to a Pay from the Heart model.

Most simply, Pay from the Heart means that you check with your heart and find a payment that feels right to you. I want clients to feel that energy work is accessible when they need it most.

Pricing Guidelines:

– $85 is baseline, minimum request.
– $125 is the sustainable amount, it helps me thrive to give more to you.
– $175 is generous and supports me so I can help make services accessible to everyone.

It is my sincerest desire that people pay what is in agreement with their heart. This work is sacred and business isn’t always practiced from a sacred place, this is my attempt at making my business more equitable and less elitist medicine.

I hope that those who can afford to pay more will, because it is that generosity that allows me to reach a broader audience, and I want everyone to feel comfortable choosing the price that feels right for them without guilt or shame.

It’s with great appreciation and humility that I receive what’s coming from your heart.

Thank you.

Laura Rowe, The Vital Spirit

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