Mindful Life: Six Week Workshop

How am I feeling in this moment? Why am I feeling this way? Where in my body do I feel it? When did the feeling start? What would better serve my goals and dreams at this moment? A mindfulness practice develops the ultimate conversation of our lives, the conversation with your soul, higher self, or God. As a practice, mindfulness includes meditation but there are also many other types of practices. There is walking meditation, prayer, Transcendental meditation, journaling, reading, yoga, running, drawing, writing and so on. The goal is to find what works for you.

Goals for this workshop

Learn techniques to create a mindfulness practice that will:

The practice of mindfulness allows us to take stock of our feelings, intellect, and intuition about a situation and act from a place of integrity and power. Come learn to live in the moment. Six weeks for $120.00.


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