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When you’re ready to work with me, we will go deep and it will take you far.

Embracing your empathic nature and building a life that fulfills you is not something you can learn from a weekend workshop or even a 6-week class..

That’s why I offer these free bites.

First, make sure you resonate with my perspective of life and being an empath. Then, let’s move through the phases of healing and growth, so you can thrive.

Dealing with emotional energy is the hallmark of our nature; however, it is not what makes you an empath, it is merely a symptom. Empaths are here on planet Earth, in large numbers, at this time in history to DO THEIR WORK. How each empath is lead to spread love is their work, their purpose, their why. So, if the question is, “Why am I afflicted with sensitivity?” “To Spread Love,” is the answer. Read the blog series.

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Four Practices for the Empowered Empath download and Newsletter.

Learn the practices that begin the shift for empaths from a leaf blowing on the emotional winds around them to owning their own energy and standing strong in their emotional truth.

What Clients Have to Say

Weekly Planning Ritual
for Spirit-led Entrepreneurs

This guide is a Weekly Planning Ritual that invites your Spirit to advise you on the energies influencing you during the upcoming week. Use it regularly to maximize your impact and reach your goals.

Take a couple of bites...

Read through the blogs to learn about my empath perspective. Practice the four tools of the empowered empath. And/or use the weekly business planner and see how it resonates with you. If and when you are ready for more, check out How We Can Work Together.

With love and appreciation,
Laura Rowe