Empath Practicum

An invitation to all participants in either Tools for Thriving as an Empath or Empaths’ Handbook for Spiritual Living who would like the regular support of a group video call to remind and reinforce the tools and teachings for caring for our empath selves.

This group experience is for integrating the learning, creating habits in action and in thinking, and establishing a new world view that is empath positive and inclusive. This group is a sacred container for stepping out into the world as an empowered empath. 

For many, completely owning our empath-ness means no longer hiding our sensitivity. It means no longer pretending about your true feelings and needs. 

It takes time to fully integrate the information. It takes a fair amount of unlearning of our societal programs.

It is natural for there to be obstacles in life to sort through as we embrace our true nature. This group is to help support you through some of the obstacles to making positive changes. 

We may be required to end or change our relationships with people who haven’t known us as our true empath. We may commit to ending habits that don’t serve us.  Or leaving jobs that don’t suit or aren’t good for us. 

The Empath Practicum isn’t about teaching new material, it is about embodying all that you have learned about being an empath through feedback, reflection, and sharing your experiences.

Praise from past participants...

The highlight was it being a support group for me. I felt like I had this incredibly emotionally intelligent group to bring my weekly struggles to and share with such complete trust to be vulnerable and felt so accepted. Us Empath’s really need to stick together! It made up for the lack of empathy in other parts of my life and filled my bucket at the beginning of each week. Also, it helped keep me accountable to my own growth in terms of learning to use better boundaries and thrive more as myself!​
~ E.C. 1/8/19
The group really gave me a place to connect with people who get what it means to navigate life as an Empath. Once I accepted this about myself, everything finally began moving forward for me. I am certain that your [Laura's] support helped me manage some really hard times with dignity, grace and confidence. I can't thank you enough for that. I also appreciate that we are all working on ourselves and we all experience life so differently.
~ P. D. 1/11/19

The Details

Once weekly 90 minute group session

  • Meetings are held online every Monday evening from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm Pacific Time via Zoom. 
  • Each session will be recorded and sent to all participants. If you miss a session, you can watch the recording.

Session Structure

  • Each session will have an opening meditation.
  • Following the meditation, each participant will then have a chance to reflect on their week through the lens of one of the empath’s tools–self-reflection, grounding, clearing our energy field, or intuition and spiritual guidance. 
  • From there, it is open to the flow of discussion and individual needs.
  • We will end each session with a card draw for the week ahead.

12 weeks of sessions

  • Sessions begin May 6, 2019, and run throughout 2019. 
  • Your package of 12 weeks can be purchased at any time and are consecutive.
  • I anticipate there may be times that I will need to cancel. It will be rare and I will give as much notice as I can. 
  • Any cancellations by me will not affect the number of sessions you can participate in. I will adjust your end date accordingly.

One in-person meeting per month

  • On the 1st Monday of each month, we will meet at my office in NW Portland, Oregon – 1316 NW 23rd Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97210.
  • Live meetings will not be recorded or broadcast.
  • May 6th, as the first Monday, will be in person.


  • Be part of a community of empaths who are integrating their empath capacities into the muggle world.
  • Receive support, feedback, and consistency for embracing our sensitivities as our power.
  • 12-Week Package $350

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