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Clarity & Purpose

Business Insight

with Laura Rowe, Intuitive Business Strategist

Clarity and Purpose

You are a purpose driven, multi-passionate entrepreneur seeking clarity and purpose.

  • You have been doing your inner work and dancing with your shadow for quite awhile now.
  • You may have a business coach or mastermind that keeps you growth-oriented and moving towards your goals. 
  • You have worked on your personal development for many years and know that entrepreneurship is an ongoing adventure in courage.
  • You may even have your fingers in a lot of different pies; writing books, building programs, creating artwork, speaking, teaching, etc.

As an entrepreneur you have a lot of decisions to make every day. You probably don’t have a board of directors to bounce ideas off on a regular basis. And even if you do, they aren’t able to see all the moving pieces in this beautiful business you are building or on the spiritual path you are navigating.

What if you had a weekly container to check in with your higher-self? A container that doesn’t get skewed by your fear of failure or success. A container that doesn’t hold your limiting beliefs or biases.

With this package you get someone who can see and feel what you are working to create clearly and hold it for you as you:

  • Bounce a million ideas around 
  • Keep on track, focused on your goals, and ready for the right opportunities 
  • Expertly avoid getting distracted or pulled into someone else’s plans for your success.

It is easy to get pulled off course in the daily grind of figuring out how to run your business and how to do your business at the same time. 

Nothing eliminates missteps from happening but working together can let you catch them faster, minimize their impact, and recover your ground swiftly.

Working with an intuitive business strategist lets you double check your ideas for timeliness, viability, and cohesiveness. It also provides you with someone who can read a situation or potential employee/partner/client and give you information vital to your decision-making process.

All your answers come from you, I help you clear the clutter so you can hear your own wisdom and provide an understanding of business operations so you can maximize efficiency and profitability.

Clarity and Purpose

I am an intuitive strategist.

  • I have a business background in business operations. A masters in organizational management and 14 years experience running my own businesses.
  • I am an empath with the intuitive ability to read people and business situations for best outcomes.  
  • I see the highest potential for you and your business and hold that for you as we work together.
  • I am an intuitive energy healing practitioner to ground, read, and balance your energy at the beginning of each call.

3-month package

  • We begin with a 2-hour intake so I can become familiar with your business, your personal priorities, and your life goals. 
  • Then we have weekly 30 minute calls where you can ask questions on priorities, business ideas, client issues, strategic partner concerns and anything in between.
  • Two 30-minute emergency calls to use in a pinch

Call Details

  • Each call begins with a grounding and quick energy scan/healing.
  • Questions/ideas/situation review/collaboration review
  • Each call ends with a single oracle card draw to integrate the information

Optional Add-ons

  • 4-hour Business Intensive work session for strategic planning, process design or redesign, program or product development
  • 90-minute Quantum Alignment Session, an intuitive and energy healing process designed to peel away the energetic armor and align with the soul’s intentions

From past clients

"Laura has a combination of universal gifts that aren’t easy to find in one person. I have never met anyone like her. She is a gifted healer, intuitive, and is also an amazing study of business operations. She uses both this intuition and practical knowledge in one fluid motion to move your personal and business goals in ways that are simply incredible. At the core of my success has been Laura’s counsel and guidance."
Angela Todd
Interior Designer
"Laura is such a lovely combo of woo and practical. Her appreciation of my spirituality, use of her guides, business acumen, and practical know how led to a creative intake flowchart and interview that has upleveled my professionalism has helped me grow and my business grow."
Beth Trimark-Connor
Physical Therapist/Personal Trainer
"Laura's work combines sharp intuition and intelligence. It's a combination of healing and insight about the way forward. For me, it's a great combination of spirituality meets energy healing and business acumen. You walk out feeling ready to move ahead with more purpose and clarity."
Vanessa Couto
Archetypal Astrologer/Teacher/Artist

Let's Explore Working Together

As this is a minimum three-month commitment, I find it to be more successful when we are clear from the beginning with our own needs and expectations. 

I offer 5 one-hour slots a month to meet women who want to explore this package.  

This is powerful and intimate work. Our container is sacred.