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Aligned Journeys

Spiritual Mastermind

You have been exploring a new identity as an empath or spiritual seeker for a while now. You’ve walked far enough along the path to realize you are no longer a tourist.

You aren’t dabbling in a new interest, your search has deep meaning. You have arrived at a point on the path where the choice to go back is no longer an option. 

Now, you find yourself stuck in the middle, straddling two identities;

  • The tried and true personality you have cultivated over your life time.
  • And the new, more authentic version of you that feels like home but is a pretty big departure from where you have been till now.

This new side of you is still fragile. You are shy about sharing it with people who may challenge you on its authenticity.

You are missing a safe space to explore and strengthen yourself before you share it with those closest to you.

You are not alone.

The Aligned Journey Spiritual Mastermind is a brave space full of beautiful empath spiritual seekers–all learning how to walk their talk and integrate the healing and growth they have been working on over the years.

Is this for you?

You feel like you have two separate identities–your regular self with the work and friends you’ve always had and your spiritual side with a friend or acquaintance or two. 

You’ve been learning and growing the empath/spiritual side of your nature but you are struggling with integrating all of you into your everyday life.

Your two sides don’t feel balanced and your spiritual side feels rather anemic. You want to change things but it feels daunting. How can you integrate both halves of you and “come out” to your friends and family?

It is exhausting to stay closeted, holding yourself back. You are craving that last bit of confidence you know you’ll get from owning your whole self and being congruent in your life.

And you’re right! Congruency happens when how you feel on the inside matches how you behave on the outside.

Here’s what congruency might look like: you don’t keep your true thoughts and identity from your friends and family out of fear of rejection or abandonment AND you aren’t an open book–sharing all your thoughts and identity with anyone and everyone looking for validation. 

You may not be working toward this goal in your life because it still feels like a fantasy sometimes. You don’t really know how to achieve it so you keep trying on your own but you aren’t making much progress. 

Finding Congruency

As you have explored this new path, you have probably taken classes, joined groups, and found teachers, therapists, or healers as a way to help you integrate. Each time perhaps unconsciously hoping you would meet some new friends. Find a new crowd that feels like home for you. Or discover a tool that will help you align fully into yourself.

This approach has probably netted you limited results. There are a couple of reasons why this isn’t usually a successful way to integrate and build community:

  • There aren’t a lot of resources, guide books, or role models for doing a persona reboot. We don’t know how to go about having these conversations. 
  • You may not feel confident yet in your beliefs and the new person you are birthing, so you struggle to show up confidently and/or authentically.
  • The purpose of the class or group is not focused on the process of integration; changing how you show up in the world and building a community that supports your growth naturally. 
  • You lose momentum because you don’t have anyone to support, guide, and cheer for you throughout the process.
  • Taking your efforts out of the lab a.k.a. the therapy office and into your every day world is daunting so you keep putting it off.

The reality is this business of rebirthing yourself into the person you feel you were always meant to be is challenging. It is also unusual, there aren’t a lot of role models to follow and learn from.

Most people don’t upset the apple cart so to speak. They settle because change is hard and scary and they can easily talk themselves out of doing it. Or they coincide it with a big move–moving to a new city or state–when it is easier to begin showing up as who you really are instead of the default persona developed by wounds, family and societal expectations.

The Mastermind

A Spiritual Mastermind is a regular gathering of fellow empaths and seekers who are learning to live their lives in alignment with their beliefs and their whole selves. They are working to walk their talk and have their relationships, work/career, and behaviors align with their spirituality. 

Each member has a goal(s) they are looking to integrate and the group provides a safe container for setting intentions, creating game plans, discussing results, adjusting goals, and providing insight to others from their own experience and journey.

  • Commitment – With gentle accountability from supportive peers you will feel much more committed to your goals.
  • Confidence – The sustained intimacy provided by the program’s length, size, and structure increases your confidence and builds your enthusiasm for life.
  • Solutions – Discover creative solutions for every day challenges that improve your quality and enjoyment of life.
  • Expansion – Listen to the experiences, challenges, and accomplishments of your peers and expand your understanding of what’s possible to experience and create in life.
  • Community – Form lasting relationships with other empaths and spiritual seekers who share your values, beliefs, and experience of life.

The group provides a positive, compassionate, and supportive environment to breakthrough the inertia and fear that keep you from finding the belonging and confidence you have always been craving.

About the Facilitator

Laura Rowe is an empath, spiritual seeker, and intuitive healer living in Portland, Oregon.  Laura founded The Vital Spirit in 2013 and has worked with hundreds of empaths helping them feel comfortable in their skin and connected in this world.

She has spent 35 years studying spiritual traditions and practices and the last 16 years studying empaths and training in intuitive energy healing modalities, with certificates in reiki and Theta Healing. For 8 of those 16 years, working with a mentor, Linda Kardos, who was a pioneer in intuitive energy healing.

Laura has a background in business operations, holding a BA in Business Management and a Master’s degree in Organizational Management. She honed her natural skills in systems thinking that helps me identify patterns in behavior and energy that has informed her study of empaths.

As an empath herself, Laura knows the struggle of feeling different, misunderstood, and judged for her sensitivities. She cares deeply about empowering empaths to inhabit their whole self — accepting and deeply connecting with the truth of their being. 

Schedule a Call

You can schedule a free 30-minute call to discuss joining the Aligned Journeys Spiritual Mastermind. We can talk face to face via Zoom to get to know each other. It is an opportunity to ask any questions you might have or address any concerns. 

How it Works

Participation–Each member will get an opportunity to check-in and discussion how they are doing and what results they are finding. Every member has an opportunity to ask for feedback or brainstorming from the group each month but it is not expected every time.

Learning–At the first meeting of each month, there will be an exercise to be completed on your own time and discussed at the second meeting. The topic will be complementary to the Aligned Journey Talk for that month.

Goal–Each member chooses one or more goals to work towards throughout the mastermind. Goal suggestions and inspirations below.

Length–A six-month commitment running from August 2021 – January 2022.

Limited Size–It is open to six participants.

When, Where, How Long–Meetings will be conducted over Zoom the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month from 4:00 PM  Pacific Time (7:00 PM Eastern). Length will depend on number of participants, min. 2 hours, max. 3 hours.

Crafting Your Goal

Goals are included to provide direction and structure to your efforts. They can address any aspect of life–relationships, work/career, or personal development. Here are a few examples across these areas to help you imagine what you would like to work on.

  • Learning to be more assertive, hold boundaries to protect your energy.
  • Evaluating friendships and letting go of ones that do not honor or align with you anymore. 
  • Working on your visibility so your lightworker business can be successful.
  • Developing your psychic/healing skills while exploring a new line of work. 
  • Creating and sticking to a regular energy/self-care practice.

Options and Pricing

Aligned Journeys

Spiritual Mastermind
$ 125 Monthly
  • Two Zoom Meetings
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Six Month Commitment

Aligned Journeys

Spiritual Mastermind
$ 250 Monthly
  • Two Zoom Meetings
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Six Month Commitment
  • One Private Session Per Month

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is a Mastermind ?

Mastermind groups offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your personal skills. A mastermind group helps you and your mastermind group members achieve success. Members challenge each other to set strong goals, and more importantly, to accomplish them.

**Typically, mastermind groups are used for business owners but the same principles can be applied to spiritual and personal growth. 

How will this differ from a business Mastermind ?

Instead of talking about sales goals and marketing campaigns, we are talking about obstacles to being visible in our business community or how to establish healthy boundaries with our clients. 

We are choosing to dance with Spirit. We are in an active conversation with our higher selves and the Divine (in whatever form that is for each of us). We are seekers, and we advise from a place that is inclusive and respectful of each individual’s own journey and experience. We support each other’s needs as we grow and develop ourselves, holding space for each other as we wrestle with our edges and push through our limiting beliefs

What a mastermind is NOT ?

A support group. Support groups offer companionship and encouragement where you’re at. A mastermind group, however, is about moving forward, helping you achieve a goal or dream. To sustain forward motion, all members must be committed to the effort to grow and call each other onward and upward. We can allow space for members to express their concerns and fears, but we are not here to fix anybody, simply hold space and keep moving forward. Members may consider doing one-on-one work outside the group for particularly sticky issues. 

A competition. We understand that growth often comes in spurts or seasons, so it is not a competition. It is an active think tank of support and community for its members.

What is commitment ?

The group requires a six-month commitment. Because of the small group size and the personal work being done, it is asked that you don’t join without the intention of full participation for the whole six-months. It is understood that life is unpredictable and circumstances may require you to cut your participation short.

If the group isn’t a good fit, it is asked that you inform the facilitator and the other members at a meeting about leaving the group.

What is the privacy policy ?

The great thing about a closed group is that you can share everything from personal struggles to brainstorms in a safe, private place and receive advice and encouragement from people we know we can trust with fragile things. Situations discussed in meetings or on the Facebook group are to be kept private within our group, with the mindset that “If it’s not my situation, I won’t be the one to make it public.” This includes requests for support, ideas, and personal details.

What are the dates we will be meeting ?

All sessions will meet on Tuesdays–the 2nd and 4th of each month at 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

September 14 & 28, 2021
October 12 & 26 
November 9 & 23
December 14 & 28 
January 11 & 25, 2022
February 8 & 22

How will the group be facilitated ?

This mastermind group is facilitated by Laura Rowe of The Vital Spirit, who is responsible for organizing and facilitating monthly meetings, developing learning exercises, and maintaining the Facebook group.

However, leadership is shared by all members who may propose suggestions and ideas for the group.

What is the financial investment ?

The mastermind is a $750 investment for two session a month for six months. It can be paid all at once or monthly–$125 due on the first day of the month.

There is also an option to include one private session per month. That package is $1500 and also can be paid up front or monthly–$250 due on the first day of the month.

My goal in offering monthly payments is to make it affordable for folks who really want to participate. However, that can also lead people to believe it is okay for them drop out before the end, because it is pay as you go.

Embarking on this program is a commitment to growth and taking steps, sometimes scary ones, towards your personal development and healing. One of the most impactful elements of this mastermind is the relationships you develop and the way the group bonds. Leaving the group prematurely is hard on everyone and will require time for everyone to process the loss. 

In an effort to ensure commitment, there is a $200 cancellation fee if you choose to leave before the six months is over.

This fee will be waived in cases where the fit isn’t right or there are unforeseeable circumstances that prevent you from fulfilling the commitment.

Schedule a Call

You can schedule a free 30-minute call to discuss joining the Aligned Journeys Spiritual Mastermind. We can talk face to face via Zoom to get to know each other. It is an opportunity to ask any questions you might have or address any concerns.