Aligned Journey

Living a Spiritual Life During Uncertainty

We are living in some interesting times.

I have heard it referred to as the Age of the Narcissistic Father and that feels right on the money to me. There are systems, personalities, and events happening that stem from the unhealed masculine energy of self-serving behavior, power-over, and profit at all costs. It has been brewing beneath the surfaces for decades and centuries. What is happening now, in politics, business, and our communities, is exposing the dis-ease to the light of day. 

We have not been here before and no one knows what will happen next. The way forward isn’t clear. So how do we find our center and make our plans and live our lives as things appear to be crumbling right now? That is what this series of talks aims to address. 

Navigating our way forward in these chaotic times means we need to sharpen our saw.

 Stephen Covey in his book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, coined the term sharpen the saw to convey that we need to seek continuous improvement to our professional and personal skills.

Let’s do it together!

I will be hosting an online talk and discussion, once a month beginning March 2020 through February 2021 to sharpen our collective saws around resilience, faith, decision making, relationships, and all things spiritual. 

Talks will be offered for a donation so everyone who wants to can participate. Thank you for contributing whatever amount is right for you.

Why a full year of these talks? Great question, in early January 2020 we entered a powerful astrological event where two slow moving and powerful planets are traveling close together for the next year. Their energies will have a particularly potent effect on our structures of government and business as well as the effect they will have on our personal experience over the next year. 

The energy of the coming year

JAN 12, 2020 - FEB 17, 2021 Both Saturn and Pluto move quite slowly, unlike some other planetary transits which can be over in a matter of days or weeks, this transit and its influence spans approximately one year. While we may feel the influence of this transit in our personal lives, it will most significantly be felt on a social and societal level. This transit brings about feelings of unease, distrust, and a sense that something is 'off'.

Politically, governmentally and corporately we will likely experience a sense of insecurity. Things may not feel as 'safe' as they once did, we may find that we cannot trust the word of the government, of politicians, of corporations, or organizations that used to feel known to us. We are being kept in the dark and may find that we don't have the power that we once felt we had. Underhanded methods may be used by governments or organizations to gain power, through the use of fear, control, or misinformation. In our personal lives, this can show up as anxiety, fear, depression, and general dis-ease, running like a background white noise through our day-to-day lives.

We are being guided during this time to channel our fears and anxieties into action, to empower ourselves even though we may feel we don't have any. Things are not what they appear at this time, it's important to question what doesn't feel right, to speak up and stand your ground, and be willing to take action to change what you don't agree with.

Moonsight Planner 2020

Schedule of Topics

Talks held the third Thursday of each month at 5PM Pacific

March – Faith – a Discussion

April – Tools for Exploring our Emotions

May – Making Decisions – Signs and Symbols

June – Finding Focus & Taking Action

July – Relating with Others through Personal Development

August – Healing in Spirals

September – Claiming our Sensitivities

October – Reframing Our Sense of Self

November – Importance of Community

December – Winding Down the Year

January – Advocating for Change

February – Walking our Talk

Topics subject to change to reflect current events.