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Mentoring Empath Business Owners

Business for Healers

If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before.

Building a Business with Heart

Mentoring Empath Business Owners is the next blog in the Mentoring for Empaths series. All names and some details have been changed to protect my clients’ privacy.

Empaths who decide to start a business have specific needs that aren’t addressed by most business coaches. The most prevalent relates to the fundamental difference between empaths and other people.

Empaths tend to struggle as entrepreneurs initially because traditional capitalism doesn’t feel good to them. One of the reasons they are starting a business is because they can’t find a place to work that aligns with their values.

Our modern workplaces value money over people and many people, not just empaths, struggle with feeling like they have to leave their ethics and values at the home in order to succeed at work.

It took me several years to find the coaches and trainers that align with my values and really helped my business get off the ground. Now I am eager to help empaths feel confident marketing and selling their services even if marketing and selling has always felt gross or icky to them.

I want to share my client Jo’s story as she prepares to commit to her coaching business and make a full business of it instead of a sporadic side hustle.

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The Reluctant Healer - Jo's Story​

Jo was referred to me by a friend and colleague who recognized Jo as an empath. We began our journey together exploring being an empath and doing healing work on limiting beliefs and past wounds.

After a few months, it became clear that Jo was a gifted coach and had previously done some coaching work on the side. Not only is she good at it, it really fills her cup. She receives great satisfaction from working with clients.

We talked about her coaching over the course of a month or two. Jo was reluctant to start a legitimate business because she deals with a fair amount of anxiety from her childhood trauma. I talked with her about my approach to mentoring business clients and the intuitive energy work we can do to unwind her insecurities and integrate her trauma. Finally, she decided to take a leap and start a business.

Jo's Story

Jo's Background

Jo grew up as the oldest of six children and took on the role of caretaker for her siblings and her mother. She excelled at this role but, it didn’t allow her to be a carefree child. Jo was far too responsible far too young.

This beginning led to a pattern of both caretaking and people-pleasing in all of her relationships. These are common patterns for empaths which lead them to learn to perform roles as expected rather than learn who they are and what they need and want out of life.

Now, Jo has raised her kids and is no longer always in caretaking mode. She is reflecting on what makes her happy and feel satisfied. A while back, she got a coaching certificate but never committed to building a practice.

We talked about her experiences with the coaching she has done and it became obvious that she both truly enjoyed it but she was also exceptional at it. Jo uses her intuition, sharp understanding of people, and her training to provide her clients with valuable coaching and guidance.

For Jo to lean into her natural talents and purpose and get this business started, she needed to explore what kept her from starting this practice in the past. The short answer is that Jo’s early life experiences and sensitivities made her feel different and incapable of managing all that goes into building a business, especially self-esteem and confidence.

Below I discuss the most common challenges for empath business owners, including many of the things Jo is dealing with.


The Empath Apprenticeship

Quantum Alignment

The #1 Challenge Empath Entrepreneurs Face is Self-Sabotage or Insecurity

The process for empaths and neurodivergent women to start businesses is not straightforward. You may be fighting your brain and past selves telling you that you can’t do this because “you don’t have the thick skin you need” or because “you don’t know how you will handle difficult clients” or “I don’t have my life together yet, who am I to give advice or guidance” or any number of other phrases that tell you that you aren’t enough.

Those parts of you that doubt you can do it will bring up self-sabotaging thoughts and behavior. During your mentoring, we will explore what is coming up, and integrate the parts of you that want to sabotage your plans all while expanding your ceiling of tolerance, with Quantum Alignment.

Side note: Some clients, like Jo, also begin working with a therapist on their childhood experiences when they feel frightened by their decision to start a business. I am always supportive of my clients working with other professionals to help break through their log jam of inner dissent.

Being an Entrepreneur = Doing Your Inner Work

Ask any business owner, entrepreneurship will bring up every unhealed or scared part of you that you have thus far been able to ignore. It is inner work, and if you have had a lot to process in your life, you may have addressed only what was necessary for you to survive but not what will let you thrive.

During business building, I guide you through the doubt and fear. We work to heal and calm the unhealed parts so your business can get off the ground AND you can enjoy it.

Part cheerleader and part intuitive, I see your potential and know what you are capable of, and I will keep reminding you as you face various obstacles to your goals.

Navigating business as an empath will require you to deal with any issues you have about having and earning moneybeing seen as an expert instead of blending into the crowd, and finding ways to market and sell your products and services that feel ethical and healthy for you.

These are the three issues empaths find difficult to navigate with traditional business coaches who aren’t familiar with the experiences of empaths and neurodivergent folks.

Going it alone can also make the journey from start-up to financial viability last much longer than it needs to. Having a mentor who knows the ropes, will point you toward valuable resources, and help you define for yourself what healthy and effective marketing looks like.

Build a Business with Heart

Mentoring for Empath Business Owners

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Focusing on Operations

Some empaths need permission to build a business that is only part-time or maybe you want to work afternoons into the evenings. Empaths often require more flexibility and downtime than typical jobs and corporations allow. Whatever obstacle you think is insurmountable because of your unique needs, we will discover the structure, schedule, and workload that works best for you and then build just that.

As a hands-on business owner, I can point you toward the tools and tech you need and how to approach finding your niche and establishing yourself as an expert in your field. I can offer direction around website platforms, scheduling and payment software, mailing list software, social media, podcasts, classes, events, and more.

Mentoring Empath Business Owners

Whether being an entrepreneur has always been your dream or you find yourself thinking about it for the first time, I can help you build a business that is supportive of your sensitivities and built to take advantage of your unique skillset.

Jo is right at the beginning of her entrepreneurship journey. We will continue to remove the obstacles that will build up her emotional and spiritual foundation while she begins working to define her target market, writing web copy, and choosing the right scheduling/payment software.

Later this summer, I will launch Spirit-Led Business Cohorts on my online empath membership, Aligned Journeys. These cohorts will provide ongoing community support and various trainings on business practices and tools for mentoring empath business owners. And most importantly, specific support, discussion, and trainings on the specific issues empaths are working through toward their eventual success. 

If you are an empath looking to build a business, you can schedule a free 30-minute consultation to explore working together and determine if we would be a good fit. 

About the Author

Laura Rowe is an Intuitive Strategist & Spiritual Seeker at The Vital Spirit. Living in Portland, Oregon, Laura founded The Vital Spirit in 2013. She has a background in business operations, a master’s degree in organizational management, and she has spent the last 35 years studying spiritual traditions and practices, and the last 12 years training in intuitive energy healing modalities.

Laura helps empaths and sensitives who have struggled their whole life with belonging. Her approach this work through a social justice lens, seeking to help empaths explore their own power while considering the power dynamics of our White Supremacist, Patriarchal, Fourth Stage Capitalist society. Our culture views sensitivity as a weakness and my work focuses on helping empaths heal the wounds left by this world; reframing their sensitivity and focusing on their innate power. 

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