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Show me a successful individual and I’ll show you someone who had real positive influences in his or her life. I don’t care what you do for a living—if you do it well I’m sure there was someone cheering you on or showing the way. A mentor.

For many empaths, discovering they are an empath and learning how to take care of themselves as an empath is just the beginning of their journey. The empath soul (and brain) seeks depth and connection that are not the norm in our society. Empaths are interested in purpose. They have a need to make an impact on the world and will feel unsettled until they discover their “thing.” 

A Life Beyond Survival

Once an empath has figured out how to have healthier relationships and manage overwhelm, they will find themselves restless. Integrating the practices that keep empaths healthy into daily practice isn’t hard but embodying your whole-self every day and encouraging yourself to explore what interests you might take courage and inspiration.

If you have lived your whole life trying to fit in and now you know that is not your path to happiness, executing change can be daunting. It takes time to find connections that can hold space for you to explore and claim your potential. This is where mentoring becomes an important part of an empath’s growth.

Three Common Mentoring for Empaths Scenarios

  • Growing up, you had interests or dreams that, because of your sensitivity, because of a lack of support, never seemed practical to pursue. 
  • You are finding it difficult to find a supportive work environment that feels safe for you to be yourself and really thrive in your chosen field. 
  • You are in the midst of a spiritual awakening that is causing fear and confusion. You are experiencing a variety of psychic experiences that are increasing in frequency and intensity.

Over the next while, I will share three different client experiences and how mentoring played an important part in their journey. All names will be changed, and some details, to protect their privacy. Here is Cassie’s story.

Cassie's Story

The Artist's Heart - Cassie's Story

Cassie started working with me to better understand her history of psychic experiences and learn more about herself as an empath. In short order, Cassie started her quest for meaning and an exploration of self that midlife provokes in us. 

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Cassie grew up in the ’70s and ’80s with a family that wanted her to be calm and rational instead of deeply sensitive, highly observant, and curious about the world. Her parents were typical of the day; hardworking, practical, and emotionally elusive.

Growing up and into adulthood, Cassie felt constantly compared to her brother’s sensible, practical choices and lifestyle. So she towed the family line and got good grades, married, raised two children, and achieved career success as an executive vice president, retiring at 50.

Having achieved family, financial, and career success, she was very ready to rest and create her next act. 

Throughout her life, Cassie has loved travel and exploring other cultures through art, philosophy, and food. She is a writer and a painter who longs to express her heart and soul through art and prose. 

During her explorations after retiring, she kept getting stuck trying to understand herself. She had always felt like a black sheep in her family struggling to understand why she felt disconnected from her parents. She felt judged by her family for being too sensitive, too idealistic, and just odd. 

In a session recently, Cassie explained that she felt like a blank sheet of paper. Sure, she had a family, a lovely home, but she had no frame for her identity. She said she felt “white and blank.”

No spiritual or religious roots. No connection to traditions like her Irish husband and his family. She was frustrated and didn’t know where to look for her spirituality because the things she was seeing seemed like cultural appropriation and didn’t feel right for her. They weren’t a good fit.

We started discussing what she knew about her ancestry. She knew a good deal and, in fact, had a DNA kit on her desk that she had purchased but never completed and returned. Her roots are Irish and Dutch, based on her family information. She felt connected to the Irish side the most. I suggested she get a book on paganism and learn about her ancestral spiritual roots. 

This began a deep dive into paganism and specifically, druidry. She learned about the gods/goddess of Ireland and felt a deep connection to Brigid, explaining to me a list of ‘coincidences’ of different happenings and signs that Brigid was already a part of her identity, just masked and unknown. 

Cassie is learning more about the beliefs and practices of Ireland and absorbing the information effortlessly because it aligns so deeply with her beliefs and soul.

Connection to nature, trees specifically, and how art is honored in the practice. It blows her mind as she navigates her way through the learning.

Last week, she told me she finally feels like her blank piece of paper is filling in with her spiritual identity—of what has always been who she is. However, because her family didn’t value or honor her curiosity and deep heart, she couldn’t see where she came from. She felt adrift and unseen. 

Through uncovering her connection to druidry, learning the practice, and making it her own, Cassie is healing her lost soul. She is validating her nature by finding her link to her family through her ancestry.


The Empath Apprenticeship

Quantum Alignment

Our sessions are grounding, validating, and clarifying her truth as she puts the pieces together and discovers that her druid ways were always there. 

She simply didn’t see it because the family story is she is the “odd duck” of the family, too dreamy, too sensitive. Her family lacked a connection to their ‘joie de vivre’ or zest for life. They were stoic and rational. Kind but devoid of depth and meaning. Choosing instead to remain at the surface of life events.

Empaths are often here to break the family patterns like hiding their emotions. Breaking the legacy of being bland, so they don’t offend or draw attention to themselves.

Cassie was done blending and was ready to embody her zest for life. And really live from her soul fully for the first time.

How did Mentoring Work with This Client?

With Cassie, I had a motivated client who wasn’t sure how to describe or define what they were searching for and work on but she constantly was reading books, listening to podcasts, examining intuition, and generally taking action towards her end goal every single session.

This made my job clear and straightforward–

  • active listening
  • reframing her thoughts and reflections
  • deciphering spiritual messages and symbols
  • making suggestions that furthered and deepened her inquiry

Even though I don’t think Cassie knew exactly what she was looking for when she found me and we started working together. She absolutely recognized it whenever she found or lost the thread of it.

And as an intuitive, I was attuned to her and could also feel when we were hot, warm, or cold, so to speak, making it almost seamless for us to riff off each other’s offerings each week. 

When our six months ended, she had a set routine of exploration and knew that she would be painting and writing her book at her own pace with plenty of joie de vivre.

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How the Journey Evolves

Every client has a different goal in mind for their mentoring journey. My job is to meet the client where they are and work together towards their goals. Along the way, the client’s background will inform me how to work with them to achieve those goals. 

Some clients work with me for six months and they feel complete and carry on by themselves, usually scheduling a session every so often to check in and process something. Other clients like shorter bursts of work, like two months and take a break and come back a few months later. Everyone grows and heals on their own timetable, and all of it is perfect.

If this resonates with you, here’s some things you can read and do.

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  2. Explore the Mentoring page and see what it’s all about.
  3. Schedule a free consultation, and let’s talk about what you are seeking and how this all works.

About the Author

Laura Rowe is an Intuitive Strategist & Spiritual Seeker at The Vital Spirit. Living in Portland, Oregon, Laura founded The Vital Spirit in 2013. She has a background in business operations, a master’s degree in organizational management, and she has spent the last 35 years studying spiritual traditions and practices, and the last 12 years training in intuitive energy healing modalities.

Laura helps empaths and sensitives who have struggled their whole life with belonging. Her approach this work through a social justice lens, seeking to help empaths explore their own power while considering the power dynamics of our White Supremacist, Patriarchal, Fourth Stage Capitalist society. Our culture views sensitivity as a weakness and my work focuses on helping empaths heal the wounds left by this world; reframing their sensitivity and focusing on their innate power. 

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