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Mindful Shadow

“There is strong shadow where there is much light.”  ~  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

“Be silent and listen: have you recognized your madness and do you admit it? Have you noticed that all your foundations are completely mired in madness? Do you not want to recognize your madness and welcome it in a friendly manner? 

You wanted to accept everything. So accept madness too. Let the light of your madness shine, and it will suddenly dawn on you. Madness is not to be despised and not to be feared, but instead, you should give it life…

If you want to find paths, you should also not spurn madness, since it makes up such a great part of your nature…

Be glad that you can recognize it, for you will thus avoid becoming its victim. Madness is a special form of the spirit and clings to all teachings and philosophies, but even more to daily life, since life itself is full of craziness and at bottom utterly illogical. 

Man strives toward reason only so that he can make rules for himself. Life itself has no rules. That is its mystery and its unknown law. What you call knowledge is an attempt to impose something comprehensible on life.”  ~ C.G. Jung

Yes, along with your brilliant light, there is a long shadow. For nature seeks balance. Can you learn to accept your shadow and not resist? Just witness it. Follow the breadcrumbs, you are learning new insights in consciousness and personal development. 

Faith and patience will see you back to the light. And you will have brought with you the work your soul will next explore. 

This is the treasure of the dark night of the soul. There isn’t just one in a lifetime. Each one is different and offers new riches to be mined. I promised you won’t be swallowed. Surrender and float back to light in due course.

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About the Author

Laura Rowe is an Intuitive Strategist & Spiritual Seeker at The Vital Spirit. Living in Portland, Oregon, Laura founded The Vital Spirit in 2013. She has a background in business operations, a master’s degree in organizational management, and she has spent the last 35 years studying spiritual traditions and practices, and the last 12 years training in intuitive energy healing modalities.

Laura helps empaths and sensitives who have struggled their whole life with belonging. Explore How We Can Work Together