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“Energy is contagious, positive and negative alike. I will forever be mindful of what and who I am allowing into my space.”  ~  Alex Elle  

We are moving into a new year and a lot of shifts are happening up in the sky. A powerful New Moon and a partial solar eclipse happened yesterday. There are no planets currently in retrograde from yesterday through March. We are officially moving forward and we will be able to dig in and kick this year off right. The holidays, school/work breaks, and endless planetary retrogrades of 2018 have left us feeling a little out of sorts. Ungrounded and out of our bodies.

When our energy is ungrounded, meaning not in our bodies, we are at a greater risk of illness and injury. Do you ever have those days when you just can’t keep anything in your head? Or you lose keys? Bang your elbow into the door frame as you walk through? Turn the wrong way down a one way? One of these in a day is not a big deal, but two or more and I would suggest you take that as a sign you need to ground your energy into your body. And one really effective way to ground is to exercise–go for a run or a hike, do some yoga or stretching, or get up and dance. Bringing our spirit (energy) into our body through movement is a quick and effective way to change a low energy, bumbling day into a productive mindful day.

How does our energy become ungrounded?
The most common way is stress. Stress can create pain, either emotional or physical, our spirits dislike being trapped in a pain body, so they literally fly out. Most people’s spirits or energetic body is somewhere outside of the physical body, we are essentially escaping our problems through disconnection. While everyone with a body and stress is susceptible to this condition, empaths will definitely experience this regularly. When I was younger and unaware I was always bumping and bruising my arms and elbows. I quite literally didn’t know where my body was in space. I was escaping the stress of my life by hovering outside my body.

Why is being ungrounded ultimately a bad thing for us?
We aren’t effective when our consciousness is outside our body. We feel disconnected from our brain, foggy. We aren’t able to be our most effective in our work or our relationships.

I invite you to join me in stretching and gently moving your body, bringing your full awareness into your core, feeling your extremities, and allowing your energy to flow into the earth through your feet. Then allowing the earth energy to flow up into your body through your feet, legs, and grounding cord (an energetic cord that extends from the base of your spine into the earth). Dig in and let’s kickoff 2019 with our best foot forward.

About the Author

Laura Rowe is an Intuitive Strategist & Spiritual Seeker at The Vital Spirit. Living in Portland, Oregon, Laura founded The Vital Spirit in 2013. She has a background in business operations, a master’s degree in organizational management, and she has spent the last 35 years studying spiritual traditions and practices, and the last 12 years training in intuitive energy healing modalities.

Laura helps empaths and sensitives who have struggled their whole life with belonging. Her approach this work through a social justice lens, seeking to help empaths explore their own power while considering the power dynamics of our White Supremacist, Patriarchal, Fourth Stage Capitalist society. Our culture views sensitivity as a weakness and my work focuses on helping empaths heal the wounds left by this world; reframing their sensitivity and focusing on their innate power. 

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