Mindful Awareness

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Mindful AwarenessMindful Monday 5/2/16

Begin being curious about yourself and never, ever stop. We are never done or complete and it would eliminate a lot of discomfort and despair if we dropped the idea that by 18 or 22 we have defined ourselves for all time. Accept that changes will happen, sometimes big changes that of life partner, career, values/priorities. Change is constant and it is better to embrace it, find the silver lining. We renew our Spirit as we move through big changes in life. It doesn’t mean we were wrong with our first choice, it just means we have outgrown that one and now need a new one. Embrace your ever growing self.

Mindful awareness allows us to take notice of how we are changing, where we are growing, what we are ready to leave behind so that we can take action and expand into our new form. Sometimes the automatic response is to limit ourselves, stay smaller so we don’t upset our family or partner, hang on to friends or jobs that are not good for us because it is easier to keep things status quo. We only succeed at limiting ourselves when we stop being aware of ourselves changing through time. The Universe will always provide signs for you to notice and opportunities for you to take action on your growth. So pay attention and keep on becoming. You are a beautiful and miraculous creation that will never be complete. Stay curious and enjoy the ride.

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Laura Rowe is an intuitive energy healer. Living in Portland, Oregon, Laura founded The Vital Spirit, an entity that seeks to be an instrument in the ongoing shift in human consciousness. Laura works with adults who identify as highly sensitive persons or empaths and were the children of abusive/neglectful/narcissistic parents. I help these individuals clear energetic blocks, release limiting beliefs, thrive in their business/careers and navigate interpersonal relationships so they can live life to the fullest.