From Powerless to Powerful … in 3 Easy Steps!

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“Your life will instantly change the moment you realize you are not at the mercy of unseen and unknown forces or powers or luck but that it is you who is in control.”  ~Unknown

A few years ago, I stopped watching the news on television. For the most part I get my news from Facebook and occasional jaunts onto Huffington Post to read the headlines so I am not completely ignorant. I do my best to resist the urge to click on stories and read more than the headline because I inevitably feel bad if I do. As a people, we have overdosed on “truth” from our media. I encourage you to shut it off. There is almost no value in it. We only hear the news that our big business chiefs want us to hear and only skewed in the way their sponsors want us to hear it. There is little truth in the media and I promise you, you will be noticeably happier shutting off the television and closing the newspaper.

The reason you feel bad after watching the news is NOT because it is scary and the world is in imminent danger. You feel bad because your inner being (soul) knows better—your rational mind and your soul are at odds about what is true. We live in a scarcity mentality because our economy is based on markets and markets are based on supply and demand of finite resources. This idea of scarcity is a myth. And I am pretty sure there are some people who would think I was crazy if they read this, but it is true. We create our own reality through our thoughts and actions, our beliefs. We believe the earth is running out of fresh water (insert item of your choice) so we are making that our reality. We have everything we need right this minute and if we don’t it is because we believe we can’t (or shouldn’t) have it. (For more on this idea read anything by Abraham-Hicks—Ask and It Is Given is a good place to start—and read The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton).

Want to feel positive and powerful? Then shut off the television and focus on your life. Focus on what you want to get out of our brief time here as humans on this planet. What are your goals? How do want to achieve them? Giving our focus to things beyond our control creates feelings of powerlessness. Giving our focus to our life and starting to change or create things we can control WILL shift the whole world. Think Global and Act Local refers to everything. Focus on your desired outcome so fiercely that it has no choice but to happen. Do not fret about what will happen with the rest of the world, country, state, city. If you can ensure that your reality is good and the way you want it, then everything that you touch will improve.

Many people still watch the news. They still worry more about the parts of life they can’t control than the parts they can and worst of all they are alright with feeling powerless about their life. We are here on this earth to be happy. Let’s take back the power. Here are the three steps to Powerful:

1. Turn off your television and stop watching the news.
2. Remember that our thoughts create our reality, all of them, all the time so keep them positive.
3. Focus on making your life the very best life it can be by changing/creating the things you can control.

And remember we all have limitations. Even with some “limitations,” when we focus on all the good we have in our life, we can create a happy, fulfilling life. It might be different from the one we had planned, but it will likely be better than any life we have dreamed up. And that is POWERFUL!