Learn to Trust Yourself

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young people

Recently I saw a friend post the question “What advice would you give the younger generations today? What do you wish you knew or were told when you were younger?” The answer that came to me was immediate, learn to trust yourself.

Don’t follow the crowd, follow your own instincts. Trust that those instincts are your divine connection to God, the Universe, Spirit and your many angels and guides. Your instincts are your intuition. Your intuition is deep wisdom from your higher self. The part of you that decided to be born here, at this time, to this family and community. Your higher self is confident in your ability to know what is right for you. And it is perfectly ok if your intuition leads you away from the crowd.

If you are confused, listen. First, listen to yourself. Then listen to the people who are coming into your life and giving you advice. Our guides help us find the answers in a variety of unique and unexpected ways and if you are looking you will notice their presence. Once you have listened to all the people who want to give you advice, take your time making the decision and give yourself the final say. Never hand over your power to make a decision to someone else, that power is your God-given right and it not for someone else to wield.

Make your decisions and TRUST that even if it appears to be the wrong decision, there are many lessons in life. Every decision leads to lessons, some are pleasant and some are not but ALL are necessary in our journey. There is no such thing as failure that is our perception, our label put on a perceived negative outcome. All experiences are divine, you are loved, guided and cared for always. When you have doubt just be still and listen. There is no outcome, in any decision, that eliminates future joy. Joy is ours to find no matter the circumstance, no matter the choices we have made in the past.

Relax and tune into your inner guidance. Live your life honestly and open to the path of joy, yet aware that in order to experience joy, we must from time to time, experience its opposite. That is not failure or punishment, it is life. Here for us to experience fully.