Starting a Revolution

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I would love to have a conversation with Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. I would ask about how you start a revolution. Specifically, I want to know how you define what you are moving towards in order to inspire people. These gentlemen formed a nation, they formed a new–radical–paradigm of government. I think that those of us who grew up here can’t appreciate the sheer magnitude of this accomplishment. And truly this was not just a paradigm shift in government but in spiritual evolution. These men declared it was our right to pursue happiness…HAPPINESS! Even now, over 200 years later, much of the world is still struggling with concepts such as safety, hunger, and human rights. Pursuing happiness is advanced evolution, that some could argue we Americans have yet to fully grasped this God given right. We have work to do before we can say we have achieved their goal.

I want to start a revolution. A revolution that results in greater health and wellness in this country, and in this world. Our national assumption of health care is that it is provided to us by our employers. Our health care system is built around curing illness, rather than promoting health. We have given our own power to our doctors, like gods. Now it is time we wake up to our own healing wisdom and the idea that achieving health is our individual responsibility. But how to do we get started? How do we get from here to there?

Our times have changed, our methods of change, really haven’t. I have never really considered myself an activist and I don’t honestly believe you can convince people of their “rights” or “obligations” with words and signs. Changing the minds of millions (or billions) requires education and communication (hence this blog), but mostly change happens through example. This shift toward health and consciousness is individual. There will be no political rally that starts this revolution, because it has already begun. Each of us that is in the process of making the shift ourselves needs to project out our light towards the darkness that is denial, fear and pain, in order to move the people. We will create a revolution living by example, speaking our truth to those who ask, and shifting one heart at a time.

Our founding fathers started us on our revolution towards happiness. My goal is to focus on one of aspect happiness: health/wellness. Of course our health is determined by our happiness but that is a blog for a different day. Until then, read the Future page and learn what Vital Spirit is working to create.