Tools for Thriving as an Empath – Class

Jan. 14, 2018 by

Empaths learn to thrive when they stay in their body, consistently clear their energy system, become self-aware, and learn to access their intuition. These are the Four Practices of The Empowered Empath and this workshop will bring them to life.

Mindful Energy

Dec. 3, 2017 by

Mindful Monday 12/4/17 “Get yourself grounded and you can navigate even the stormiest roads in peace.” ~ Steve Goodier Last night was a very powerful Full Moon. In the week leading up to it, I talked with quite a few

Mindful Grounding

Dec. 11, 2016 by

Mindful Monday 12/12/16 “To ground is to pour your energies back into the earth and feel the warm calm of nature entering our body in exchange.”  ~ Unknown I am continuing the theme of getting quiet as we move closer

Thriving as an Empath: A Primer for Energy Maintenance

Oct. 25, 2016 by

This is part three of a five-part series on energy and Thriving as an Empath. Did you miss any of the blogs?  As I sit and try to focus on writing this blog, I am reminded in real time why

Mindful Grounding

Aug. 30, 2015 by

Mindful Monday 6/19/17  “Get yourself grounded and you can navigate ​even the stormiest roads in peace.”  ~ Steve Goodier  Want to find relief quickly when your mind is racing or your energy is waning? Ground. We are energy beings. When we

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