New Series - Summer 2019

Exploring and expanding natural psychic ability, talking about boundaries, learning exercises, and practicing on each other. All levels are invited to participate.

This class we will go over all the different types of psychic ability. Come with questions. I will have a few exercises to practice with and then we will have time for pure play. Doing practice reading or energy sessions with each other.

Registration is $20.00.

Goals for the Series

  • Designed for empaths who are seeking to develop their natural skills
  • Created to provide a safe and brave space for learning that is judgment-free
  • To arm empaths with tools and good boundaries to navigate their skills in safety and confidence

Feedback from Participants

“This was so much fun! It’s great to validate intuition in this setting.” ~ Pam D.

“That was a fun class last night I’m glad that I was able to attend I definitely learned a few things.” ~ Landon R.

The Details

When: The third Wednesday of each month, next July 17, 2019

Where: Temple Medicine Healing, 1716 NE 42nd Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97213

Capacity: Each class is limited to 10 people

July: Reserve your space for Clairvoyance  РSelect July 17


Laura Rowe is an Intuitive Empath, Spiritual Teacher & Mentor and owner of The Vital Spirit. In her work as an Intuitive Energy Healer, Laura works with empaths and lightworkers to release limiting beliefs and emotional trauma in order to allow them to live an authentic, joyful, and passionate life.

Looking for Community?

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