Laura Rowe

Intuitive Strategist and Spiritual Teacher

“I’ve always felt that it was my dharma to teach people about their own divinity and know that the highest place within them is God. We are not these bodies; we’re neither our accomplishments nor our possessions—we are all one with the Source of all being, which is God.”  ~ Anita Moorjani

I am an empath, spiritual teacher, and intuitive healer living in Portland, Oregon. I created The Vital Spirit to be an instrument in the ongoing shift in human consciousness. I serve empaths and lightworkers through intuitive energy alignment and strategic business consulting. I align my clients with their true nature and their spirit-led businesses.

As a systems thinker, I educate people on the connections between mind, body, and spirit as well as our own innate ability to heal through conscious, deliberate self-awareness. I have a background in business operations and a master’s degree in organizational management. I was mentored for five years by Linda Kardos in spiritual and energy medicine teachings and a year of intuitive energy training with Trisha Michael. I have certifications in Reiki and Theta Healing.

Each of us is powerful beyond measure; The Vital Spirit wishes to remind people of their power through whole-being wellness: body-mind-spirit. My work allows my clients to live more deliberate and authentic lives through compassionate empowerment.

Why am I doing this work?

When I was first learning that I was an empath, I sometimes felt victimized by this so-called “gift.” While on the one hand I was relieved to learn there was an explanation for what I had been experiencing my whole life, on the other, I was frustrated that so little was known or readily available so I could educate myself on how to feel, how to heal, and how to turn a curse into a blessing.

In 2005, empath was not a medically or scientifically recognized attribute. There was very little written about being an empath. Judith Orloff, MD was the beacon in the night for those of us who wanted to understand and have our experience validated. And her work is pivotal to the growing acceptance from the mainstream for our experience as deeply feeling, highly sensitive, and psychic beings. Being an empath still isn’t anywhere near mainstream, but there are a growing number of health professionals that recognize it as something that needs to be worked with and managed.

In 2016 I shifted the focus of my business to working with empaths exclusively. I have felt what was missing was a fuller understanding of what makes an empath, an empath. And no one was talking about thriving. About how to live a full and vibrant life as an empath. It is time to THRIVE empaths!

Read my Manifesto to learn more about my philosophy.

Testimonials for Quantum Alignment

"I knew I was trying to shift some big stuff. I hadn't been able to access the parts of myself I needed in order to do my work. I knew there were some family programs running things, and I knew I needed help to do it. Laura's work ushered in a clearing of truly epic proportions - stuff I didn't even know I still had in there. I've never run so much energy in my life. Ever since I've been aligned and skyrocketing in my ability to listen to my Higher Self, focus on my work, and open new vistas in my own channeling work. Laura's unique toolbox, as well as her structure for treatment, create a solid container for great transformation. She knows just where to go and what to do for the optimum adjustment on every level. I felt witnessed and honored and cared for. Thank you, Laura, for sharing your gifts!"
"Laura is amazing and really understands the challenges that Empaths face. She is able to get to the root of things quickly and provides immediate relief along with longer-term solutions. So good!"
Monica Bourgeau
Health Care Executive

Testimonials from Spirit-led Entrepreneurs

"Laura's empathic abilities are amazing! Combine them with her amazing way of supporting people in their business and you have a winning combination! Whether working on my mind/body/spirit or business I highly recommend her to get your business going, find that new direction, or refresh what you are doing. You could spend months at a counselor talking about what you want to change or get to the heart of it by quickly shifting blocks that have been holding you back. Your life and your business will be abundant!"
"Laura's work combines sharp intuition and intelligence. It's a combination of healing and insight about the way forward. For me, it's a great combination of spirituality meets energy healing and business acumen. You walk out feeling ready to move ahead with more purpose and clarity."

Testimonials for Speaking & Teaching

"I really can't say enough about the benefits of the Thriving as an Empath workshop. Laura is genuine and knowledgeable and very personable. She facilitated the group perfectly and I learned actual tools to practice and fine tune to help me navigate life better than I was before. I finished with a base knowledge and understand more and more each day about living as an Empath. You will finish this workshop with no regrets!!"
Pamela Douglas
Class Participant
"This is a wonderful class folks. Informative and fun. Laura Rowe is a wonderful teacher with much knowledge and a sense of humor. She keeps it real. As an intuitive Empath myself I can say this lady knows what she is talking about. I am In need of the tools she teaches and I use them regularly. The tools are easy, practical and make a great deal of sense. I looked forward to class every week and was bummed when it ended. Met some great folks too. Highly recommend this class."