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Thriving as an Empath

August 6, 2019

New Renaissance Bookshop
1338 NW 23rd Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97210

Tickets are $20.00
Register to attend by calling 503-224-4929

Are you an empath? Do you find it challenging to manage your emotions and energy in different environments?

Laura has spent the last 12 years doing inner work, learning about energy and consciously observing the behavior patterns of herself and those around her. She has developed an understanding of what it really means to be an empath and how empaths can learn to truly thrive. 

She will address the different components we need to address to support our thriving. From the journey of owning ourselves to learning how to care for our energetic systems. She will share key energy exercises and meditations to help empaths clean and clear their energy – and step into success and empowerment!

Psychic Playshop

Series for Empaths

Temple Medicine Healing
1716 NE 42nd Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97213

Tickets are $20.00

Exploring and expanding natural psychic ability, talking about boundaries, learning exercises, and practicing on each other. All levels are invited to participate. 

This class we will go over all the different types of psychic ability. Come with questions. I will have a few exercises to practice with and then we will have time for pure play. Doing practice reading or energy sessions with each other. 

  • Designed for empaths who are seeking to develop their natural skills
  • Created to provide a safe and brave space for learning that is judgment-free
  • To arm empaths with tools and good boundaries to navigate their skills in safety and confidence

Feedback from Participants

“This was so much fun! It’s great to validate intuition in this setting.” ~ Pam D.

That was a fun class last night I’m glad that I was able to attend I definitely learned a few things.” ~ Landon R.

“That was so fun!! First time I have ever “played” like that. What a fantastic concept and space you created. Up until now and for most ppl, you have these senses but brush it off, or think who’s gonna believe me, is this really true? I always wondered how does one know, learn or hone skills in a safe place —- well— Laura Rowe did it! For me this was a huge aha moment. One that gave me validation and anchored some serious trust in myself and that it’s the real deal. I can’t wait to learn, grow and expand more. Gave me the confidence and lift I needed. I’m also super jazzed and inspired now to continue on with my career projects and passions that I honestly was holding back on for not wanting to be thought of as false. I have the confidence to take another step forward and shine. I have a ton to learn but am excited for the next step and the journey. Thank you everyone for sharing that space tonight and having the courage to be there and trust. I didn’t know what to expect but it certainly surpassed what I thought. Hope to see this and me grow .” ~ Angel D.

Upcoming Classes in the Series

August 21, 2019
6:30 – 8:30 PM

Channeling and Clairkinesis

Temple Medicine Healing
1716 NE 42nd Ave Portland OR 97213

September 1, 2019
2:00 – 4:00 PM

Intro to the Psychic Senses

New Renaissance Bookshop
1338 NW 23rd Ave Portland OR 97210

Tickets $20  –  Call 503-224-4929

October 3, 2019
6:30 – 8:30 PM


New Renaissance Bookshop
1338 NW 23rd Ave Portland OR 97210

Tickets $20  –  Call 503-224-4929

November 3, 2019
2:00 – 4:00 PM


New Renaissance Bookshop
1338 NW 23rd Ave Portland OR 97210

Tickets $20  –  Call 503-224-4929

Tools for Thriving as an Empath

September 15, 2019
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

The Vital Spirit
1316 NW 23rd Avenue
Portland, Oregon 9721

4 Week Class

Empaths learn to thrive when they stay in their body, consistently clear their energy system, become self-aware, and learn to access their intuition. 

These are the Four Practices of The Empowered Empath and this workshop will bring them to life. Go in-depth on these simple techniques that are the building blocks for thriving as an empath. 

Learn about the body’s energy systems and how to manage them.

Goals for this Class:

  • Developing an energy practice to protect and clear your energy field
  • Establishing a method to access your higher self and communication with Spirit
  • Discovering your unique expression as an empath
  • Becoming aware of your driving need(s) and your unconscious pattern of behavior