Quantum Alignment for Empaths

Empaths need to release the energetic armor we acquired from being sensitive in this world. 

Quantum Alignment unravels expectations, desires, and fears so the client is able to act from their core identity. Our life experience shapes who we are and how we show up in the world. Many of us also have ancestral and past-life experiences that affect how we show up in the world.

This work releases or shifts anything that you are no longer in alignment with so you can embody your authentic nature and move through challenges with grace and authenticity.

“I am really grateful to Laura Rowe of The Vital Spirit. One session with Laura cured the fatigue I have been suffering on and off for years! Another single session cured my hypersensitivity to electronics, AND my tendency to experience dopamine depletion. In that same single session, she turned me from an introvert to an extrovert by making it possible for my energy field to be comfortable around other people without being overwhelmed. This woman is AMAZING, grounded, humble, and a true conduit for miracles. Hire her.”  
Tara Rose
Portland, Oregon

Quantum Alignment sessions are an intuitive and energy healing process designed to peel away the energetic armor so you can rise to your soul’s full height. 

An awakening into the understanding of quantum physics as a healer and spiritual path. Through it we can own our power as co-creators of our experience.

Learn about what happens during a Quantum Alignment session.

Quantum Alignment Sessions

90-Minute – $275.00
60-Minute – $210.00

Shifting and clearing what holds you back from embracing your goals and dreams. Own your true nature and claim your authentic power as an empath. Quantum Alignment sessions clear away energetic debris and outmoded energy patterns (from ancestors and past lives) that keep you out of sync with your spiritual path.

Quantum Alignment Package

3 Sessions – $535.00

This is a great way to impact any immediate concerns. In three sessions, we can focus on one facet of your journey and make a significant impact. Purchase three 60 minute sessions upfront, you can save 15%.  You have up to three months to schedule the three sessions, however for maximum impact schedule the sessions two weeks apart.

Thriving Empath Apprenticeship

A 6-month apprenticeship for awakening empaths designed for concentrated learning, support, and growth. Discover each of your natural Empath Capacities. Learning how to maintain our energy, strengthen our endurance, and heal from our experience of being misunderstood and/or abused. Empaths are different, we have a complex set of skills and senses. Mastering their use so we can rise up to our fullest potential is our greatest opportunity in this lifetime.

*Sliding scale available on individual sessions for those experiencing financial constraint, contact me directly