Posted by on October 5, 2015

Mindful Self-CareMindful Monday 10/5/15

“Learn to say no to demands, requests, invitations, and activities that leave you with no time for yourself. Until I learned to say no, and mean it, I was always overloaded by stress. You may feel guilty and selfish at first for guarding your downtime, but you’ll soon find that you are a much nicer, more present, more productive person in each instance you do choose to say yes.”  ~ Holly Mosier

This is the airplane safety rule of life, “put your oxygen mask on first before helping others.” You are no good to others or yourself if your sick, exhausted, cranky, or frazzled. Make time for you, practice mindful self-care. Schedule it, defend it, celebrate it and notice how your relationships improve right along with your mood.

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